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SS/HP, Hospitality, NC-17

Title: Hospitality
Author: alisanne
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Daydreams, when shared, can be the start of something wonderful. A schmoopy Snarry fic.
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Warnings: Graphic language, PWP, fluff

Written for vlredreign, who wanted Severus to stumble in on Harry masturbating. Hope this does it for you, love!

Disclaimer: Not mine. Although I really wish they were.

Beta’d in record time by eeyore9990, thanks, love!




Severus Snape looked up from his book and glanced over at the other occupant of the room. It would have to be Harry Potter, he thought morosely. The one man who can always get under my skin, damn him!

The Potions master looked down when Harry, feeling the eyes on him, looked up. Sighing, the older man again contemplated how he had gotten into this mess in the first place.

They were supposed to be researching potions that could possibly be used to kill Voldemort. The Dark Lord had been waging open war on them for months now, and somehow had still managed to avoid a direct confrontation with Harry every time. Dumbledore was convinced that it was because he knew that the prophecy did not favor him, and was looking for a loophole.

“We need an edge,” Dumbledore had kept repeating.

Severus snorted at the memory, drawing an curious glance from Harry. “Something amusing?” he asked softly.

Shaking his head silently, Severus buried his nose back in his book. They needed an edge, all right! It was a sound plan, actually. And working with Harry was actually a pleasure. If only his attraction to Harry would become muted, this project would be so much easier, but the former Gryffindor had grown into a fine young man. One whose skills Severus could not find fault with, and the Potions master certainly tried. The past week of Harry staying with him in Snape Manor had been trying, to say the least.

He re read the same line for the fifth time and then shut the book with a snap. This was ridiculous!

“Nothing?” Harry asked.

Severus picked up his snifter of firewhiskey and knocked it back. “Nothing that will aid us in our quest,” he said. “And I am fatigued. It is past my customary bedtime.”

Harry smiled that crooked smile that made Severus want to ravish his mouth every time. “Mmm. Good idea. I think I’ll join you,” he said, closing his book and placing it on the side table.

“What?” Severus had to have been hallucinating. Had Harry just propositioned him?

“I’m tired as well. I think I’ll turn in, too.”

“Oh.” Too bad, Severus’ brain supplied. Imagine what you could be doing if you went to bed together....

Standing up to try to shake the image of Harry naked and writhing under him in his bed, Severus nodded abruptly and stalked towards the door of the study. “Until tomorrow then, Potter,” he said.


The Potions master stopped and looked back at his guest inquiringly.

“Thank you for your hospitality this week. I owe you.”

Severus shook his head. “You are always welcome here, Harry,” he said. He was out the door and down the hall before Harry had a chance to respond.


Harry’s orgasm inducing, cherry-red mouth hovered over his cock, and Severus was shaking. “Suck me, please,” he moaned.

A wicked smiled curved Harry’s lips. “I thought you’d never ask,” he whispered. A moment later, and those lips were sucking around his most sensitive flesh, and Severus was in heaven. He wantonly opened his legs wider, begging with his body, and Harry seemed to understand just fine.

Harry’s agile tongue slipped around the tip of Severus’ cock and then dipped into the slit, pulling a guttural moan from the older man.

“Oh... you... Merlin, yes...”

Harry’s hands came around his hips and pulled, and Severus responded by arching up deeper into that hot, wet mouth. As Harry moaned around the thick cock he was sucking, Severus’ moaned too; the vibrations were making him see stars.

“Oh, so close...” he groaned, and Harry just sucked harder.

With a shout, Severus came pulsing down Harry’s throat, hips pumping as Harry swallowed around his length. He choked, and some of the warm seed spilled out of his mouth and back onto Severus. He was wet...

With a start, Severus opened his eyes to his darkened room. His sheets were sticky again, his belly covered by semen. “Damn you, Harry Potter,” he whispered into the darkness. “Can’t you leave me alone even in my dreams?”

Only the silence of the room answered him. With a muttered spell, he cleaned himself up and then turned onto his side. Gods, he wished he could just walk down the hall and crawl into Harry’s bed...

Ruthlessly cutting that thought from his mind, Severus sighed and punched his pillow to try to get some sleep.


Harry was the first up the next morning, which was unusual. The house-elves seemed surprised to see him, but fetched him tea and toast immediately upon request.

Walking over ot the window of Snape Manor, Harry looked out over the mist covered fields. It was far earlier than he usually got up, but for some reason he’d tossed and turned all last night.

He snorted to himself. Some reason? Sure. The reason had probably been sleeping like a baby down the hall from him.

I knew this was a bad idea, Harry thought to himself. It’s bad enough that the man hates me and I want him so badly, but sleeping in the same house with him is really not good for my concentration.

Placing his cup carefully on the window sill, Harry sighed. He’d been having fantasies all week about his former professor. In fact, one of his favorite fantasies was set in this very room.

He imagined that he would be standing against the wall, dressed much as he was that morning, in casual robes. The house would be silent, no one about but him and Severus.

Harry would have just finished reading something profound, something that would make Severus see him as a serious scholar. Severus would grab Harry to hug him, and Harry would melt into the embrace, breathing deeply of Severus’ intoxicating scent. He would tilt his head up, and Severus, overcome by his proximity, would kiss him, slowly at first, but then more deeply as Harry responded.

Caught in up the fantasy, Harry closed his eyes and tilted his head back, his hand drifting to his crotch and the growing bulge there. His finger outlined his erection, and he moaned at the wetness he could already feel coming through his pants.

He imagined that it was Severus’ hand on him, and his cock jumped eagerly. He was so caught up in his dream that he didn’t hear the door open quietly, and Severus walk in.

Harry sighed and, eyes still closed, unbuttoned his robes and his trousers, freeing his erect cock so that he could stroke himself.

Severus turned around to face the room, and all the breath left his body in that one moment. His mouth fell open at the sight that confronted him. It was his wish and his fantasy and every holiday, all rolled up into one tempting package.

Harry was standing there, pulling on his cock, slowly spreading the wetness that was oozing from the tip over the entire organ. The sound of his hand on his flesh made a wonderful squelching noise that Severus thought he would never forget for all his days.

Severus watched as the pad of Harry’s thumb circled the head of his prick rhythmically, and his hips pushed into his hand. Harry’s mouth was open, his breathing heavy, labored. Harry’s tongue pink swept his lower lip, and all the blood in Severus’ body went to one place.

And then Harry moaned a name. Severus thought he was hallucinating, because he could have sworn Harry said, “Severus,” with such longing that the older man couldn’t fathom it. Harry was thinking about him as he masturbated himself? The thought made Severus fully hard. And that was his excuse for what he did next.

Sweeping across the room, Severus reached the panting young man, batted his hand away and knelt down in front of him. His gaze focused on the delicious flesh before him, and Severus closed his eyes and lunged forward, taking Harry’s length into his mouth and sucking. Hard.

“Mmmm,” Severus moaned as the salty, bitter and wonderful taste of Harry burst over his tongue.

Harry’s eyes had flown open the moment Severus had pushed his hand away from his cock. He’d opened his mouth to apologize for his lewd actions, when Severus had fallen to his knees and had, without preamble, swallowed him whole.

OhgodsSeverusSnapeissuckingmycock, he thought, and then all thought was gone. This was so much better than any fantasy.

Harry whimpered and his fingers tried to grip the wall as he fought his urge to fuck that tight, moist mouth. His legs opened, and his head went back, hitting the wall with a dull thud.

At that sound, Severus’ eyes opened and he rolled them up to look at Harry. Harry, whose mouth was open in a rictus of pleasure, and whose eye were clenched shut in pleasure.

Severus stabbed his tongue inside Harry’s drooling slit, and Harry’s eyes flew open, a soft scream issuing from his throat.

Harry looked down to see his cock, his cock, sliding in and out of Severus’ mouth, Severus’ thin lips stretched around him... and Harry had a meltdown. With a shudder, his orgasm started from his very core and spread, finally causing his cock to swell and pulse his essence down Severus’ throat.

Severus swallowed every drop, his eyes locked to Harry’s the entire time. The fact that they were both still mostly dressed made the whole scene even more erotic and surreal to Harry’s befuddled mind.

With a sigh, he collapsed against the wall, knees giving out. Severus pulled off and lowered him gently to the floor. Sitting back on his heels, Severus contemplated the gorgeous man in front of him. He imagined that as soon as Harry could stand he would be leaving, never to return, so Severus was determined to store up every nuance of his expression for the lonely years ahead.

Harry looked up and saw all those thoughts with one glance. Making a low sound in his throat, he reached for Severus and pulled him into his arms.

“Thank you,” he whispered against his mouth. Moving one hand between them, Harry slipped it under Severus’ robes to find the pulsing bulge in his pants. “You know what this means, don’t you?” he asked.

Severus, focused on Harry’s talented hand, shook his head.

Harry sucked the lobe of Severus’ ear into his mouth and he wanked him steadily. “It means that I can finally take advantage of your hospitality the way I’ve wanted to all week.”

Severus closed his eyes in relief. “Please,” he murmured.

Harry smiled.


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