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SS/HP, The Bond Eternal, NC-17

Title: The Bond Eternal
Author: alisanne
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Response to NOT THE PLAN: Challenge by Wind Wolf at TSS. The brief: For whatever reason Harry and Severus put on the Black bonding bracelets. They are not married and don't plan to be but are trying to fool whomever. They are not pretending to be in love, just married. The magic in the bracelets doesn't care that they are pretending. At some point each of them says something about them being in love and together forever. No matter how sarcastically it was spoken the magic takes it for true. When the time comes to end the charade the bracelets won't come off.
Genre: Romance, Erotica, Comedy
Warnings: OOC, AU, graphic sex

Response to NOT THE PLAN: Challenge by Wind Wolf:

The brief: For whatever reason Harry and Lucius (or Severus) put on the Potter (or Black) bonding bracelets (or rings). They are not married and don't plan to be but are trying to fool whomever. They are not pretending to be in love, just married.

The magic in the bracelets (or rings) doesn't care that they are pretending. At some point each of them says something about them being in love and together forever. No matter how sarcastically it was spoken the magic takes it for true. When the time comes to end the charade the bracelets (or rings) won't come off.

Tell the story from the beginning and then follow it till the guys fall in love, be detailed. R or higher rating please.

Thanks to knightmare_shad and vlredreign for helping me over the rough spots and for their superb betaing. All mistakes are mine. Thank God I have talented friends!

Disclaimer: Not mine.


The Bond Eternal


Harry blew another thick coating of dust off of the mantle with a spell. A cloud rose and he coughed in response, despite the scarf he had covering his mouth and nose.

He rolled his eyes once more, wondering what the heck Kreacher had spent most of the time doing. He certainly didn’t clean, he thought morosely.

A crash and a bang from upstairs made him grin. The string of unfettered cursing came a few moments later, as expected. Harry shook his head and continued clearing his own space to search. Severus was a competent wizard, he’d call for help if he needed it.


Harry sighed. Guess there’s no avoiding it now, he thought, and, lowering his wand, walked to the door and yelled back.


“You need to see this! Get up here!”

Harry trotted up the stairs, pulling his makeshift mask off of his face.

As he entered the attic room, Severus Snape turned towards him, scowling.

“Not everything valuable is missing,” he said. “I found the Black Bonding bracelets.”

Harry walked forward slowly. “You found the what?”

Severus sighed. “I forget how ignorant you are of wizarding tradition. All the great Wizarding families have heirloom Bonding jewelry. I thought Kreacher might have taken them or hidden them, but no, here they are.”

He held out a flat, black box which Harry accepted and opened. Nestled in black velvet were two highly carved, silver bracelets, each the same size. The intricate carving depicted scenes of previous Black family conquests. As he looked closer, Harry thought he could even see the scenes moving.

Harry picked one up and turned it over in his hands. It was unexpectedly warm to the touch.

“They’re beautiful,” he said in a hushed tone.

Severus nodded his agreement. Picking up the other one, the Potions master slipped it on. Harry gasped as it immediately resized to fit the man’s wrist.

“That’s part of the magic,” Severus explained. “It will resize to fit the wearer’s arm properly, because it is meant to never come off while the bonded one is alive.”

“I wonder who wore them last?” Harry asked, slipping the other band onto his wrist to admire it.

“Probably Sirius’ parents. It’s a fairly traditional wizarding custom to use Bonding bracelets to marry.”

Harry’s bracelet was steadily getting warmer. He mentioned it to Severus, who nodded.

“Yes, it probably recognizes you as the current Black Heir and thus the dominant partner in any bond you form using these bracelets. Once you marry, both bracelets will remain warm as long as each partner in the relationship is safe. Thus, they will not only bond the wearers, but they will allow you to sense the emotions, feelings and health of your partner. They are truly a marvel.”

The two men slipped them off and put them back into the box.

“You’ll want to keep those somewhere safe, Harry,” the older man said. “For when you need them.”

Harry nodded and slipped them into his robes. “Did you find anything else? Anything that might help with Remus?”

Severus shook his head. “It was doubtful that we would, Harry,” he reminded the younger man gently.

Harry nodded sadly. After the war, and Sirius’ death, Remus had shut himself away, brooding for weeks on end. Everyone had tried to get him to seek help, but he had refused.

After several days of not being able to find him, Harry had finally broken down the door to his apartment, only to find the man basically in a coma. St. Mungo’s had been unable to find the cause, the only clue left behind had been a small potions bottle, the contents of which were unlike anything anyone had seen before.

Severus had been researching an antidote to the potion for several weeks, but in the meantime, Remus had not woken up and he was slowly wasting away. They had hoped to find some arcane potions text in Grimmald Place that might shed some light on Remus’ condition, but so far all their searching had proved fruitless.

“Think Draco or Blaise came up with anything?”

Severus snorted. “Those two? More likely they took the opportunity to snog in an empty room somewhere.”

Harry stifled a laugh. He was still amazed that he had managed to actually become friends with Severus. When the war was finally over, and Harry had defeated Voldemort, Severus had been his support, stepping in when Dumbledore had died, even allowing Harry to stay with him the summer after his seventh year at Hogwarts.

They had become close in that time. So close that Harry had hoped for more than friendship, but Severus had been proper at all times, and Harry had not wanted to complicate the relationship.

Harry had recently been contemplating moving out of Snape Manor, but he liked living with someone else, despite the fact that he only saw his housemate in the evenings. He wasn’t sure what he would do when the new Hogwarts term started, though. It simply wouldn’t feel right living in Severus’ home while he was away at Hogwarts.

Sighing again, Harry looked around the messy room. “Maybe I can send Dobby to clean up,” he said. “Have him set aside any books so we can look through them?”

Severus nodded, wiping his hands on a cloth. “Yes, this is too much, even for several wizards to do. Perhaps that might be best. Plus, we all have that awful Ministry Ball to go to tonight. I almost wish I could stay and clean your house instead of going.”

Harry rolled his eyes. He’d been trying to get that out of his mind. Someone had gotten the bright idea to have a semi-annual Ball that all wizards were invited to. It was supposed to foster cooperation, but it had turned into a chance for everyone and their mother to try to set Harry up.

At the ripe old age of twenty, he was seen as a prime catch, and quite eligible, with both the Potter and Black family fortunes at his disposal. At the last Ball there had actually been a fist fight when two witches had asked Harry to dance at the same time. The Aurors had had to pull one off of the other. Harry shuddered.

“Maybe I should stay and clean,” he muttered.

Severus smirked knowingly. “Sorry. Not a chance. You’re the guest of honor. They’re giving you yet another Order of Merlin, I believe.”

Harry looked at him in growing horror. “Why? What for now?!?”

“The raid you led against that nest of Death Eaters last month.”

Closing his eyes, Harry shook his head. After agonizing about the decision, he’d decided that he didn’t want to become an Auror, and he’d not entered the program. It didn’t seem to stop them from calling him in as a “special consultant” every few weeks, however. He was now considered, along with Severus, to be a leading expert on Dark Arts.

Harry sighed and started out down the stairs. “I guess I better go home and change then,” he said. “I’ll call Dobby to start on this place. What should I wear?”

Severus followed him out to the street. “If you like I’ll send Draco over to your quarters to dress you, once I find him in this monstrosity,” he said, gesturing to the house behind him.

Harry laughed. “Yeah, that’s probably for the best. See you later.”

Walking just out of the Unplottable field that surrounded the place, Harry Apparated back to the Manor to get ready.

Severus watched him go with an unreadable expression.


Draco showed up at Harry’s section of the Manor about an hour before the Ball. He pushed past Harry and, walking straight into his bedroom began rummaging through the closet.

“What did you do with those formal green robes I made you buy last year?” he called out.

Harry sauntered in after him. “Should be in the back,” he offered. “And hello to you, too.”

Ignoring him, Draco dug towards the back, pushing past several other robes to pull out deep green robes with a sliver trim and ornate silver buttons. “There,” he said with satisfaction. “These are perfect for tonight.”

“Not too dressy?” Harry eyes the robes with distaste. The last time he’d worn them had been at Hermione and Ron’s wedding. Bad memories there. They were a bit formal for his liking, but if Draco thought them appropriate then he’d go with it. It was time he got over the whole Ron thing anyway.

“No, not too dressy,” Draco replied. Harry nodded. The blond had an unerring sense of fashion, and it was not uncommon for him and Blaise to stop traffic when they ventured out together socially.

“Trust me on this, Harry,” Draco continued. “This is the outfit.”

Harry shrugged and started to pull it on. Draco rolled his eyes.

“You can’t wear that underneath,” he said, exasperated.

Harry stopped. “Why not?”

They struggled briefly about what Harry should wear under the robes, but Draco won, as he always did concerning matters of wardrobe. When Harry finally looked at himself in the mirror a few minutes later, he was gratified at the reflection looking back at him.

Draco had managed to pull his unruly hair back so that it was still tousled but at it least it looked artful. Harry wore a silver shirt that picked up the silver trim of the robes, dark green trousers, and dragon hide boots. It was all topped off by the formal green and silver wizard robe.

Harry reached for the robes he had been wearing all day to get his wand, and his hand encountered the box with the Black Bonding bracelets in it. On a whim, he slipped it into his new robes as well.

“Thanks, Draco,” he said. “I don’t look half bad.”

The blond snorted. “Yeah, if I weren’t already dating the hottest man I know, you’d stand a chance.”

Harry grinned. This was a running joke between them. They had actually tried to date while in school, but the chemistry simply wasn’t there, so they had settled on being friends. Draco and Blaise had gotten together after that and had been inseparable ever since. Harry found himself envying them their relationship sometimes. If only he and Severus could....

Clamping down on that thought, he simply shook his head at Draco and the two Apparated with a crack to the Ministry.


Severus got there early. Handing his invitation to the attendant, he walked into the room and looked around at who was present.

The usual losers, he snorted to himself. He wouldn’t admit to himself that he was looking for a certain raven haired wizard. He eyed the corner containing the Weasleys mistrustfully.

Snagging a fire whiskey from a passing elf, he found a convenient corner and leaned against the wall, his hooded eyes surveying the room.

He saw the moment Harry arrived, Draco in tow. Blaise walked in a scant minute after, and he and Draco wandered away. Harry looked glorious, and Severus felt the familiar ache in his gut as he watched him.

Imagining how the soft curls would feel under his fingers was a favorite pastime of Severus’, and not for the first time he became lost in one of his happiest fantasies of Harry, on his knees, jade eyes smiling at him as Severus pumped to completion in that delectable mouth.

“He really is cute,” a voice said, and Severus blinked, coming out of his daydream.

“Mmm and I hear he’s rich,” another voice answered.

Severus glanced to his left, where a young, brown-haired witch was speaking. Her companion, a redhead who looked vaguely familiar to him, grinned and replied.

“Very rich. I knew him in school. He was one of my brother’s best friends back then.”

The other girl, was it Amilie Nott? Severus wondered, racking his brain, said, “Oooh. Why didn’t you snag him then, Ginny?”

The redhead tossed her hair in an imperious gesture. “I was too busy back then. I’m ready to settle down now. All I need to do is slip him some some of this new potion I got from Fred and George. It’s guaranteed to make him fall for me. He’s such an honorable Gryffindor; I know I’ll have him.”

Amilie smiled. “But I thought your brothers didn’t like him?”

Ginny shrugged. “I don’t care what they think,” she said, eyeing Harry like a prime steak. “And that’s only that prig, Ron. The others like him well enough. Let’s go.”

The two giggling girls walked over to Harry, who greeted them politely. Severus narrowed his eyes dangerously. Maybe he should put a stop to this. Weasleys in general were not high on his list, particularly because of their treatment of Harry since the war. He knew Harry could take care of himself, but why take a chance? Severus also knew that Harry was not interested in girls, so why not help him out? He ignored the inner voice that reminded him that he might have a less than altruistic reason for getting rid of the Weasley girl.

Severus pushed off of the wall and, grabbing another fire whiskey, sauntered over to Harry and his admirers.


Harry saw Severus’ approach and his heart turned over in his chest.

Merlin, he’s so hot, he thought. He ran his eyes covetously up and down the slim, black clad form, lingering for a moment on his crotch. And he’s built....

“Severus!” Harry greeted his friend with enthusiasm, much to the chagrin of Ginny Weasley, who’d been monopolizing the conversation. Amilie had simply been staring at Harry without blinking. It was quite unnerving.

“Harry,” Severus said softly, his voice playing arpeggios over Harry’s nerve endings. “I see you actually let Draco dress you.”

Harry smiled. “Yeah, thanks for sending him over. He didn’t do too badly, did he?”

Severus ran obsidian eyes over the lithe body that he craved. “No. Not bad at all,” he replied, a slight smirk on his lips.

Ginny, pouting at being left out of the conversation, jumped in with both feet. “Hello, Professor Snape,” she said. “Are you talking about Draco Malfoy? I had no idea, Harry, that you had to resort to Slytherins dressing you. Now your color choice is explained. Next time call me. I’ll be happy to help...”

Severus’ eyes narrowed. This little Weasley was starting to get annoying. Trying to ensnare Harry was bad enough, but now she was insulting his House!

Harry saw Severus take a breath to blast Ginny, and he interrupted hastily. “Well, Severus just wants me to look good. It’s understandable, really.” Harry knew he was babbling but he couldn’t seem to stop. “When we started living together... well, it’s been kind nice having someone to bounce things off of, you know?”

Ginny’s mouth dropped open. “You’re living together?” she said, eyes flicking back and forth between them.

Harry nodded, a small smile playing around his lips. He rarely saw any of the Weasleys except Fred and George, who he was in a business partnership with. Ginny had never been his favorite anyway. Maybe this would send her scurrying back to her corner so he could talk to Severus.

“Is that why we never saw you this summer, Harry?” she asked.

He shrugged. He didn’t want to explain to her that her big brother, his supposed best friend, had completely cut him out of his life once he’d come out to him. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t tell him until after they got married or I’d not have been invited, Harry thought.

“We’ve missed you, you know. Mum especially.”

Harry missed the closeness of the Weasleys as well, although it had probably worked out for the best, since Snape Manor had given him time and space to think about his life.

“Well, Harry,” Ginny continued, frustrated. “I wish you’d have at least invited us to your house over the summer.”

Severus took that one. “I’m afraid my home is only open to family and close friends, Miss Weasley. Ronald Weasley’s actions towards Mr. Potter left me no choice but insist that Harry not invite him to visit, and thus your family was excluded.”

Ginny gaped. “Ron? What did Ron do?”

Harry closed his eyes. He hadn’t wanted to get into this in such a public place, but it was time she knew. Maybe then she would leave him alone.

“Ginny, I’m gay. And when I told Ron, he wouldn’t even speak to me. He called me all sorts of names, pervert was probably the nicest one. I needed some time and a place to just think, you know?”

The redhead’s mind flew furiously. That did explain a lot. What a waste of my time, she thought. One eyebrow went up. “I had no idea, Harry,” she said coolly. “Well, it all makes sense now.” She tossed her hair again and grabbed Amilie’s arm. “We should be going.” The two girls turned abruptly and walked away.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Severus. “Thanks for the rescue,” he said.

Severus inclined his head. “It was not far from the truth, Harry,” the older man said. “I worried about you this summer, and when you told me what Weasley had said and done, I knew that I would not allow him in my home.”

Harry smiled his thanks.

“I just wish you had not made it sound as if we are living together romantically,” he continued, voice lowered.

Harry looked at him, slightly hurt. “Would that be so bad?” he asked, heart in his eyes.

Severus closed his eyes. “No,” he said evenly. “But, Harry, realize how it would look to the rest of the world. There would be questions....”

Harry sighed. “I don’t give a rat’s arse what anyone else thinks,” he said. “You just have to know what you want and go after it. What do you want, Severus?”

Before Severus could answer, they were interrupted, this time by a pompous looking, portly old wizard. He was accompanied by Ginny, who looked very self satisfied.

“Professor Severus Snape, Harry Potter, meet Lord Alaric Collingswood. I was just talking to him about how you are on staff at Hogwarts, Professor, and he wanted to meet you. He’s on the Board of Governors.”

The elderly man had a disagreeable look on his face as he nodded curtly to Severus. That changed however, as soon as he turned to Harry.

“Harry Potter! It is such a pleasure to meet you!” He pumped Harry’s arm, almost taking it out of its socket.

Ginny continued, a spiteful note entering her voice. “I also mentioned how it’s a shame that someone as famous as Harry Potter had no options but to move in with a former Death Eater.”

Harry stared at her, shocked. What was she getting at?

Severus glared at her icily. He thought he knew where this conversation was going.

Her eyes narrowed. “What about that moral turpitude clause in your contract, Professor?” she asked silkily. “Does the Board of Governors know about your living arrangements? Lord Collingswood apparently didn’t.”

The elderly man interrupted, obviously distraught. “Shocking! It’s terrible that you should be living in such a manner, Harry. Can I call you Harry? Anyway, I’m sure that the Ministry and the Governors can come up with some alternate living arrangements for you! You are the Savior of the Wizarding World, after all! Who knows what indignities Snape here,” he spat the name, “had forced on you?”

Harry backed up as the man continued on his diatribe.

“And you!” he turned to Severus, “you can kiss your job goodbye, Professor. You had the unmitigated gall to try to force Harry Potter into a compromised living situation. I’ll have your job for this! You’ll be lucky if you get another job anywhere ever again...”

“Now wait just a minute!” Harry had had it. The old fool was starting to get to him, and he was threatening Severus, which Harry would not stand for.

Severus opened his mouth to reply, but Harry just kept going.

“First of all, I chose to live with Severus. No one forced me into anything. I don’t know if the Board of Governors knows about us living together, and frankly, I don’t care. But since we’re married anyway, it’s really not a problem, is it?”

Ginny drew in a shocked gasp, echoed by Lord Collingswood.

Harry smiled a feral smile and continued. “So, unless it is your habit to fire married faculty, Lord Collingswood, I would suggest you rethink your position.”

Severus stilled for a moment and then stepped closer to Harry, sliding his arm around him.

“Now, Harry,” he said in a low, bedroom voice, “I thought we weren’t going to go public with it right away?”

As Ginny watched in growing horror, Harry turned in Severus’ arms and smiled up at him. “I think it’s time, don’t you?’ he said sweetly. “We can’t have you losing your job. Not with a baby possibly on the way.”

Severus choked, and Harry hugged him tighter to cover it.

Ginny, her voice finally back, looked at them suspiciously. “You two are married? Where are your rings?”

Severus, still looking down at Harry, smiled dangerously. “We opted for the more traditional form, Miss Weasley,” he said. “We have bonding bracelets. We have chosen not to wear them in public...”

Harry grinned. “But I carry them all the time,” he said reaching into his robes and pulling out the box. Then, in front of two sets of unbelieving eyes, Harry opened the box and presented Severus with one of the carved bracelets that they had both been admiring earlier in the day.

Severus said nothing, but he took one out of the box and slipped it on. It shrunk to fit his wrist snugly.

“It remembers you,” Harry murmured, momentarily forgetting their audience.

“Of course it does,” Severus purred. “Now put yours on, love.”

Harry reached into the box and slipped his own bracelet on. It warmed to the touch just as it had before. “There,” he said, holding it out for inspection.

Ginny grabbed his arm and peered at it closely. Looking up at him, she said suspiciously, “I... I had no idea, Harry. I guess I apologize for doubting you.”

Lord Collingswood had turned a deep purple and was gasping, having apparently just realized how much he had offended the Savior of the Wizarding World.

Harry smiled as the man stumbled all over himself, trying to apologize.

Ginny, in the meantime, was chewing on a hair looking angry. “Why didn’t you invite any of us to the bonding, Harry?” she asked finally.

Severus turned to her, exasperated with the whole thing. “Frankly, after your brother’s actions towards my husband, Miss Weasley, I forbade him to. Harry is my husband forever! I love him and I will protect him to the best of my ability.”

Harry smiled, loving these words, even though they were not true. “And Severus is my husband forever,” he said quietly, looking meaningfully at Lord Collingswood. “We’re deeply in love. He is also under my protection.”

Both men gasped suddenly as the bracelets contracted painfully for a moment around their wrists. Neither Ginny nor Lord Collingswood noticed however, they were too shocked.

Harry’s eyes met Severus’ and then he looked away, suddenly shy at the emotion he saw reflected there. He absently rubbed at his wrist where the bracelet was resting.

Lord Collingswood was backing away, stuttering. “I... I apologize to you both,” he said, looking around frantically for an escape. “Ah! I see the Minister. I have some important business to discuss with her...” The man scurried away, leaving Ginny with the two less than happy wizards.

Severus looked at her coldly. “Harry and I have not had the best luck with members of your family keeping confidences or being particularly supportive, Miss Weasley,” he said pointedly as she flushed brightly. “You will excuse us if you are not high on the list of people that I want involved in my life, or that of my husband.”

Her lips thinned and she flounced away in a snit. Harry let out the deep breath that he had been holding.

In a trice Severus him tucked under his arm. He pulled him close and whispered, “Let’s go back to the manor, shall we? I think we need to regroup and strategize. And we need to take these damn bracelets off.”

Harry had the urge to laugh hysterically. Merlin, he had just told the world that he was married to Severus Snape! Ginny would waste no time in spreading the word. He knew it would be all over the papers in the morning. A small part of him rubbed its hands with glee.

Sighing, the ex-Gryffindor nodded. He was suddenly tired and wanted nothing more than to slip out of these formal robes and into pajamas. Before they could leave however, there was still the little matter of the Order of Merlin award.

Severus had almost maneuvered Harry to the door when the Minister clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “Welcome all! Before we all get too engrossed in our own affairs,” scattered laughter, “we have a few awards to present!”

Harry groaned. “Damn,” he muttered. “Almost made it.”

Severus shrank into the shadows, pushing Harry forward. His eyes widened as Harry winked evilly at him and turned to walk towards the stage.

“...and here he is, the man of the hour and, as we’ve recently discovered, newly married, Mr. Harry Potter-Snape! Come on up and collect your medal, Mr. Potter-Snape.”

The applause was deafening and all eyes were turned towards Harry. As he walked up to the podium, he could hear Draco and Blaise whistling madly. He even saw Fred and George Weasley cheering. Hermione and Ron were there, but neither were smiling. Ginny stood next to them, obviously seething.

Harry tapped his throat and whispered, “Sonorus”. Smiling at the Minister, he leaned forward engagingly.

“Hello, everyone,” he said. “Thanks for the award. I accept this on behalf of all of the people who we lost in the war, and those who, even now, are fighting for their lives.” Harry paused for a moment to visibly collect himself, and then continued.

“Thanks also for the good wishes for Severus and myself. Not many people are aware of our recent nuptials, and that was deliberate. We really only wanted to share our joy with those who are close to us. We’re very happy, and totally in love. He’s truly an amazing man and an amazing lover.”

The room rustled as people shifted uncomfortably. Harry pinned Ron’s blue eyes and spoke directly to him.

“I would like to say a special thank you to my former best friend, Ronald Weasley.”

Ron’s eyes narrowed, and Hermione clutched his arm.

“When I was at my lowest point, when I felt abandoned by everyone else and I decided to confide to him, Mr. Weasley decided that my sexual perversion, as he put it, made me subhuman, an animal not worthy of living with ‘normal people’.”

Harry smiled, and it was not pleasant. “I would like to thank him for doing that, because it taught me a huge lesson. It taught me that real friends don’t tell you sweet words and then go behind your back to malign you. Real friends,” he looked at Severus now, “tell you the things that it’s important for you to hear, but they also support you when you are at your lowest and you need help. If it hadn’t been for the betrayal of my so called friends, I would never have trusted Severus, moved in with him, and fallen so completely in love with him.

“So, thanks for yet another award. I accept it on behalf of the true heroes -- Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Remus Lupin, who even now is in a coma dying of what, we don’t know. Now, I’m going home with my husband, the light of my life, and we are going to shag until dawn. Goodnight!”

Harry walked calmly down from the podium and reached Severus, who was smirking. Reaching up, he pulled the taller man down to him and slipped his tongue into that heavenly mouth.

Severus slid his arms around Harry’s waist and pulled him in closer. Just when it started to get interesting, Severus pulled away.

“We should leave now,” he whispered against Harry’s lips.

Harry nodded dazedly. “Ready?” he asked.

The older man nodded and the two Apparated away, the crack breaking the silence that reigned over the room.


They landed at Snape Manor, and Severus immediately moved away from Harry, running an agitated hand through his glossy black hair.

“Harry,” he said. “Why did you do that? Now we will need to do some damage control.”

“I did it because I wanted to, Severus. Was it so bad?” Harry asked softly.

Severus shook his head. “Just when I begin to think you are showing signs of maturity you go and prove me wrong.” He sneered. “And why is this bracelet irritating me so? It won’t come off.”

Harry gaped at him. “Yours is doing that, too?”

“Yes,” Severus snapped. “It really won’t come off...”

Harry watched, bemused as the Potions master struggled to remove the silver band.

“Try to take yours off, Harry,” he said. “Perhaps, as the Master bracelet wearer, you have to remove yours first.”

Harry pulled at it but it wouldn’t budge. “Um, Severus? Mine won’t come off either.”

Severus froze and then shut his eyes tightly. “No. It cannot be,” he muttered. Walking briskly over to the book case, he pulled down an ancient looking tome and opened it. Skimming it quickly, he came to a passage where he stopped.

Harry watched anxiously as Severus read and re read the passage.

“Gods! Surely we were not that stupid?”

Harry decided it was a rhetorical question. Walking up behind Severus he looked over his shoulder at the passage and read it.

Ancient Bonding Bracelets: In ancient times, Wizarding families did not have formal wedding ceremonies. Instead, once a set of Bonding Bracelets were keyed to an pair of individuals (see Keying Ritual below) the Bonding could be completed by a declaration of Love on the part of each individual for the wearer of the matching bracelet. This was instituted to save time in the Feudal era when wedding and bonding ceremonies could often not be held due to warlike conditions. The Families in known possession of such bracelets include The Family Avery, The Family Black, The Family Malfoy...

Harry choked. Oh Merlin! No wonder Severus was freaking. Hell, he was freaking right now.

“We’re... we’re married?” Harry asked.

Severus snorted as he continued fruitlessly to try to pry the bracelet off. “Evidently,” he replied snidely.

Harry backed up and sat down on the couch. “Are... are you upset?” he asked softly. “Because I’m not.”

Severus sighed. “Harry, I know you have a bit of a crush on me, but that’s only because I rescued you from depression after that bastard Weasley abandoned you...”

“Is that what you think?” Harry said, interrupting. “That’s so not true. I’ve always been attracted to you. Since the first moment I saw you. And then when you showed your true colors in the war I came to admire you and my feelings deepened. I... I think I’m really in love with you, Severus.”

Severus closed his eyes. “Harry...”

“Am I that unappealing to you?” Harry asked softly, a hitch in his voice.

The older man looked up at that. “What? Merlin, no!”

Rising to his feet smoothly, Severus walked over to where he was seated and pulled Harry up into his arms. “Don’t you understand?” he asked huskily. “You’re gorgeous, and you have your whole life ahead of you. You were not meant for the likes of me. Let me do some research. I can probably find a way to reverse the bond...”

Harry pulled Severus’ face closer to his own. “Don’t you understand? I don’t want anyone else. I want you. You’re all that I could want. Please, please don’t push me away. I hadn’t planned on marrying anyone today, but if I had, you would’ve been the one, Severus. I love you.”

The bracelet gave a warm pulse on his arm and for a brief moment, Harry thought he could sense an answering love coming from Severus.

“If we make love tonight, will you still be able to reverse the bond?” Harry asked, tilting his head to look up at Severus.

“Probably not,” Severus replied, his hand unconsciously stroking Harry’s silken hair.

“Good,” Harry murmured, and using both hands to pull his face down, proceeded to lick and nibble his way into Severus’ mouth. When their tongues met, both men moaned low in their throats. Severus gathered Harry into his arms and took over, showing him with slow, sensual strokes of his tongue what he liked.

Harry rocked against him, trying to ride Severus’ hard thigh, his cock throbbing with desire and need.

Severus backed them towards the wall, his hands roaming Harry’s body freely, his mouth locked to Harry’s. When they reached the wall, Severus proceeded to thrust against the younger man, grinding his cock into him.

Harry whimpered as the sensations overwhelmed him.

When Severus pulled his lips away, Harry moaned. The older man smiled against the fragrant skin of Harry’s neck as he sucked kisses there and continued the rocking motion that was driving Harry mad.

“Please,” Harry begged, arching up against his lover.

“Please what, Harry?” Severus asked, loving the sounds the younger man was making and wanting to hear more.

“Please make me yours,” Harry moaned, his voice catching as Severus hit a particularly sensitive spot.

Severus nodded. He was done fighting this. He pulled Harry close and Apparated them to his bedroom.


The Potions master had their clothes off in record time and then Harry was on the bed covered by a naked Severus. A naked Severus who seemed bent on tasting every inch of him. Harry wasn’t sure he would survive.

Severus sampled his new lover, nibbling his neck, his chest, even licking his armpits and swirling his tongue in Harry’s bellybutton, making him thrash about.

When he got to Harry’s weeping cock, he blew on it and slipped his mouth around the very tip and sucked. Harry’s hips danced off the bed, and Severus discovered the ‘Harry taste’ that he loved most of all.

Harry moaned when Severus finally slipped an oiled, agile finger inside him. He’d been naked and writhing beneath his new husband and, while he was loving it, he needed to be claimed, and soon. He hadn’t imagined that he could ever feel this much pleasure at once. All of his previous sexual encounters had been furtive, hidden couplings, in which neither he nor his partner had known what they were doing. He was now in the hands of a master.

Severus bent and sucked Harry’s nipple into his mouth, biting down on it gently. Harry bucked up convulsively in response as Severus slid another finger in, this time brushing against something inside Harry that made him scream.

Harry spread his legs wantonly, panting. “Ohgods! Ohplease! OohSevjustpleasefuckmeplease...”

Severus was shaking with his desire. To see the personification of his every wish spread out beneath him for the tasting was heady. He slicked himself roughly, afraid that he wouldn’t make it inside his husband if he waited much longer, and then he lined himself up at the entrance to Harry’s body.

A slow thick push and he was in, biting his lips at the heat, the tightness, the sheer pleasure in that act.

“Are you all right, love?” he asked.

Harry smiled a brilliant smile. “I love you,” he said. “Now fuck me!”

Severus grinned, the look taking ten years off him, and then he pushed deeper. “I love you too, Harry,” he whispered into Harry’s neck as he tunneled in and out of his husband.

Harry moaned and wrapped his legs around Severus, holding on for dear life. Soon, Harry was meeting him thrust for thrust, the slap of naked skin interspersed with the grunts and groans of pleasure.

“Come for me, Harry,” Severus said and Harry whimpered and obeyed, spraying them with his essence. The convulsions of Harry’s passage around Severus took him over the edge and he spasmed, spurting his seed inside his husband, who received it adoringly.

A soft blue glow surrounded them for a moment and then it was gone.

Severus came and came and came, almost blacking out from the pleasure. He was still inside Harry, his long fingered hands stroking Harry’s hair as they both came down from their high.

“Did you see that?” Severus asked softly.

Harry nodded, words still eluding him.

“We have definitely cemented the bond,” Severus said.

Harry nuzzled his neck lightly. “Good,” he whispered and promptly fell asleep.

Severus chuckled and then slipping out of his husband, spelled them clean and fell asleep, his arms wrapped securely around Harry.


Severus was still arguing as they Apparated to the street in front of Grimmald Place.

“We already searched here, Harry,” he said.

Harry nodded. “I know, but something just tells me the answer is here.”

The two men held hands as they walked up the steps to the front door. “At least it should be cleaner now, since Dobby’s been working at it,” he murmured.

They walked into the parlor and looked around. It was now clean, and a pile of books lay on an ornate desk by the fireplace.

Severus walked over to the desk and started looking through the books. “These are some nice texts, but nothing that we didn’t already have access to,” he said.

Harry nodded. He was more interested in a door that he didn’t recall seeing before. “Where does this door go?” he asked.

Severus looked up from the book he was flipping through. “I don’t remember that being there before,” he said.

“Me either,” Harry said. He grasped the handle and the door glowed for a moment and then opened silently.

The two men walked into a hidden room. It had obviously not been cleaned recently, since dust was everywhere.

Harry sneezed and the started to grumble. “I told him to clean every room,” he said.

Severus held up a hand. “I’m not sure he would have had access to this room,” he said slowly. He walked over to what was obviously a desk and opened it.

A parchment fell out and he read it carefully as Harry walked around the room. “I wonder why no one else knew this room was here?” he wondered out loud.

“It’s a room only the Black Heir and his Bonded Mate can see,” Severus said.


“Says so right here,” the Potions master said, lifting up the scroll.

“It also says that there are other rooms in the house only accessible to the Black Heir and his Bonded Mate, one of them is the... Potion’s Lab!”

“Why would they have a potions lab in their home?” Harry wondered.

“In ancient times, there were no apothecaries, Harry,” Severus explained. “Wizards brewed their own potions at home. You know what this means? Somewhere in this house, Remus probably brewed the potion that put him into a coma. Time to search!”

“How did Remus find the lab, I wonder?” Harry said. “He wasn’t a Black bonded mate, was he?”

Severus simply smiled.

“What?” Harry stopped halfway out the door. “Tell me!”

“Sirius and Remus were a serious couple when they attended Hogwarts. It is entirely possible that they bonded, even as we did, and so Remus had access to the hidden recesses of this house.”

“But they didn’t have the bracelets,” Harry said, puzzled.

Severus shook his head. “They wouldn’t have needed them. A simple Wizards Bond was probably enough for the house to recognize then as a valid bonded couple.”

Harry turned that over in his mind for a while. Remus and Sirius? He found he liked the idea.

“I’m glad,” he finally said aloud. “They both deserved happiness.”

Severus continued. “As far as how Remus accessed the lab after the bond was broken, the house probably still recognizes him, despite Sirius’ death.”

Harry sighed. It was all so sad and tragic. “I hope we can save him,” he said.

They found the lab with about fifteen minutes of concerted searching. Severus made quick work of deciphering the potion and its antidote and then Harry had to practically drag him away from the hidden room, where he’d wanted to test everything.

“Remus needs this now!” he said. “You can come back later and explore at your leisure.”

Running out of the house, they apparated to St. Mungo’s and went immediately to the medi-wizard in charge of Remus’ case. A few words of explanation saw all three men running to the hospital Potions Lab to start brewing.


A week later, Severus was sitting up in bed, Harry’s head in his lap as he read the paper out loud to him.

“According to this, Ronald Weasley has been fired from his Ministry job,” Severus said.

“Why’s that?” Harry asked, his hand stroking Severus’ midriff in a maddening motion that was driving the older man to distraction.

“Apparently he called one of his coworkers a ‘filthy homo’ in front of a supervisor. That boy is in severe need of an attitude adjustment.”

Harry chuckled. “Luckily, that’s Hermione’s problem, not ours,” he said softly, his breath gusting over the skin of Severus’ belly button.

“Thank you, by the way.”

“For what, love?” Severus asked, puzzled.

“For letting Remus move in with us,” Harry replied, nuzzling his husband’s skin gently.

“It was the least we could do,” Severus said, closing his eyes as Harry’s caresses aroused him.

“It’s good to have him back. And thanks to your treatment, he’s much better. I think he’s even gaining some weight.”

“He is looking better,” Severus agreed, his breath hitching. Where in Merlin’s name had Harry learned to do that?

“I love you, Severus.”

“Mmmm,” Severus moaned. Harry had now leaned in and was tracing incomprehensible patterns on Severus’ skin with his tongue.

“Don’t you want to hear about how we’re expecting a baby?” Severus asked a bit breathlessly, still clutching the paper.

Harry leaned up and licked along the line of Severus mouth. “No, I’d rather get to work making a baby. I don’t want to be proven a liar.”

Severus tossed the paper over the side of the bed. “Can’t have that,” he moaned, pulling Harry flush against him.

As the two men made love, the room was filled with the sounds of happiness and glow of a strong bond.


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