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SS/HP, The Rock, NC-17

Title: The Rock
Authors: alisanne and knightmare_shad
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Convinced that Potter is taking the Mickey, Severus closes the door on a possible romance, never realizing that his actions might cause him to lose Harry.... for good.
Genre: Romance, angst, hurt/comfort, song fic
Warnings: Graphic sex, pre-non con

This is a collaboration between knightmare and Alisanne, and it was written in honor of Sandre’s birthday.

Disclaimer: The characters herein are the sole property of JKR and no profit or copyright infringement is intended.


The rock fought my spirit, the rock fed my anger, the rock broke my heart like the waves of the sea.  I tried hard to fight, but it still grew inside me…

Hard was the ground in which this child grew, unforgiving and cold was the home that I knew.   But knowing the soil’s no harbour for you makes pulling up roots that much easier to do…

Now it's been years since I've been in this place, and the winds of my life have all weathered my face.  But it's only with distance and the coming of grace, that I see in you beauty I could never replace.

The rock forged my spirit, the rock was my anchor, the rock held me fast through the storms of my youth.  Now you’ll never die cause you’ll live on inside me…

Partial lyrics of The Rock from Disney’s So Weird, sung by Mackenzie Phillips


The Rock


Severus watched with stoic eyes as his nemesis walked out for the last time. 'Say something!' his mind screamed at him, but he ignored it. Hefting his knapsack over his shoulder, Harry seemed to sigh and then, without a backwards glance, set off on his way.  Dumbledore patted his Potions master on the back.

"End of an era, eh?" he mumbled, turning to shuffle back inside. Severus snorted and after one last, lingering look at the retreating figure, followed his mentor indoors.

'It was the right decision,' he repeated to himself as he walked back to his lonely quarters. But why did he feel as though he'd made the worst mistake of his life? 'He wasn't serious. He was doing it on a bet.'

Severus shook his head as if to rid it of the depressing thoughts. The only person that he'd ever fallen in love with was walking away from him, he was entitled to a bit of self-pity. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Firewhiskey. 'Hello, old friend,' he thought, as he poured himself a drink.

But even whiskey couldn't stop the memories from flooding his mind. Harry, green eyes shining with mirth, clasping his hands, and asking him if he wanted to dance. The word yes on his tongue before he saw a smirk on Weasley's face that made him realize what was happening. 'It's a trick,' Severus had thought to himself. 'But I know just what to do.'

The seduction of Harry Potter had been easy, the young man had all but fallen into his arms at the end of the evening, especially after Severus had employed every trick he knew. Slow, sensual touches, lingering glances... they had all had Harry panting. So, when Harry had just about wrapped himself around his old greasy Potions master at the end of the night, Severus had taken profound pleasure in rejecting him, loudly and publicly.

'But the look on his face...' No, Severus couldn't think about that now. He had successfully fought off another attempt to embarrass him; it was a good day. So why did it feel like something inside him had died?


Harry couldn't believe that after all this time, he was leaving Hogwarts.  Angrily, he kicked at a stone in the pathway, sending it skittering across the rich, green grass.  'Stupid Snape.  Stupid Snape and stupid Dumbledore.  Bloody hell, why is he such an arse?'

Still, he had learned a lot from his time at the Wizarding School. Even if that knowledge had come at the expense of his heart. 'Ron will have a field day,' Harry thought as he kept walking. He could have Apparated, but this felt more... final somehow.

When Harry had told him of his plan to seduce Severus, Ron had not taken it well. Harry kept wondering if his friend had found a way to sabotage him...? Harry snorted. Now he was becoming paranoid. Severus was just... Severus. Bastard extraordinaire. They had had no chance at love. 

He felt the sting of tears, and ruthlessly pushed them down.  Bad enough that Snape had turned his private proposition into a public rejection; he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of tears, too.  And it wasn't like his roots were ever firmly in one place, anyway.  'What the bloody hell was I thinking, anyway?  He's always lived to make my life miserable.  Always on me about one thing or another, grades when I was in school and my teaching ability now.  How could I ever think he'd love me back? And why did I ever think of him as my 'rock'?'

He needed to go somewhere to recover. He thought as he walked, contemplating and rejecting several places before deciding on one. Gathering himself and fixing the place in his mind, he Apparated with a crack.


One year later... 

Harry rolled his eyes as he listened to Dennis rant. 

"And another thing, I don't like it when you go out with those guys from work." 

"Dennis," Harry said with a sigh.  Why was he explaining this yet again?  "We've been through this.  I'm not dumping my friends because you get jealous." 

"If you loved me you wouldn't do it." 

"If you loved me, you wouldn't be such a prat." 

"I can't believe you're doing this, Harry."  With that last, angry statement hanging in the air, Dennis stormed out of the flat. 

Harry sighed and hid his face in his hands. The arguments were getting worse and worse. He needed to do something, but he had no idea what. Pushing back from the table, he stood and started to clean up the dishes that his boyfriend had flung down onto the floor.  'Why is it that I never find the nice guys?' he wondered to himself. Oh, Dennis had started out all right, but now, this was never going to work. He was too volatile, too jealous.

Finishing up in the kitchen, he wandered into the living room.  When he had first met Dennis, he had thought he was in love.  Things were so sweet, and he was gentle and kind, all the things that Se... 'Not going there,' Harry promised himself.  He sighed, flopping on the couch and turning on the telly.  'Now, he gets jealous if someone so much as looks at me.'  The flashing red light on the answerphone caught his eye, and he stood up to press the button. 

"Harry, it's Ron.  Look, I've tried to be patient, and understanding, which for me is major.  But I've about had it with you not answering owls or calls.  Hermione is in tears because you didn't show up last week.  What the fuck is going on?"  'What the fuck indeed,' Harry thought, narrowing his eyes.  He’d never received any messages of any sort, owl or otherwise.

A determined look crossed his face. This was ridiculous! He was entitled to go out with his friends if he wanted!  He was off work today, and had committed to meet up with some of them later, but in the meantime maybe he could mend fences with his oldest friends. Stalking to the bedroom, Harry picked out a robe and did his best to straighten out his hair. He then wrote a quick note for Dennis. Picking up the Floo powder he stepped into the fireplace.

"Ron and Hermione's!" he shouted.


Stumbling into the flat through the Floo, Harry was still chuckling at that last joke of Ron’s. The smile died from his lips when he saw Dennis standing there, arms crossed, scowling at him.

"Took you long enough to get back," he snarled. "Did you have fun with your little friends?" Harry pulled off his robe and tossed it on the couch.

"Yeah," he drawled in his best Malfoy imitation. "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did." 

Dennis simply stood there, fuming.

"What is your problem?" Harry asked, pushing past Dennis to get something to drink.  Floo'ing always left the taste of ash in his mouth. 

"My problem is you, slutting all over town." 

"You have got to be kidding," Harry snorted.  He pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge and raised it to his lips.  Dennis swung and the bottle flew, knocking painfully against Harry's lips and teeth, before smashing against the wall. 

"What did you do that for?" Harry asked, angrily wiping water off of his face. 

"You are my boyfriend.  You'd better remember that and start acting like it." 

"Sod off," Harry sneered.  He tried to push past Dennis again, only to find himself slammed against the fridge hard enough that magnets rained down on them both.

Harry was seriously pissed now.

"Back off," he said, pushing at Dennis, but he was unable to dislodge the slightly taller man.

"You are MINE, Harry," he said. He pulled Harry's face to his and tried to kiss him, but the brunet was having none of it.

"I belong to no one," Harry snarled. "Least of all you!"

"Who else would have you?" Dennis countered. "You're washed up! You fulfilled your purpose in the world. Now all you do is go out, and party, and play around on me. Well, I won't stand for it. Savior-of-the-Wizarding-World or no!"

He shoved Harry again, and Harry winced as his back slammed into the cold appliance.  He struggled against Dennis, but he was smaller, and not as bulky as his soon to be ex-boyfriend.  True panic set in when Dennis jerked at his jeans, popping the fly buttons open. 

"No, Dennis, don't," Harry found himself pleading.  "Don't do this." 

"Shut up, you bint," Dennis growled.  Holding Harry in place by the sheer weight of his body, he fumbled for his wand and cast a binding charm, pinning Harry to the fridge.  "Now you're going to learn what you are good for." 

"I think not," a cold voice cut in.


Severus Snape still knew how to make an entrance. Even in the emotionally charged atmosphere, a small corner of Harry's mind noticed that fact.

"Who the fuck...?" Before Dennis could finish that question, he was pulled up and away from Harry, his body hitting the opposite wall before sliding to the floor with a thump.

Harry was stunned at the tenderness in Severus' hands as he fastened the open jeans before releasing Harry from the spell.  And he swore that that long fingered hand had ghosted over his crotch...  He turned to face Dennis, almost jumping when a line of heat pressed against his back.  With Severus behind him, he glared at the mess on the floor.

"No need to bother yourself with getting up.  I'll just gather a few things and leave."  He walked away, his movements jerky with anger and embarrassment. 

"Just where do you plan to go, Potter?" The silky voice pulled him out of his fog, and he blinked at Severus. 

"Well, since you just played my knight in shining armor, want to take the 'damsel in distress' back to your castle?" he asked, only half joking.

Severus smiled. "You are more than welcome to come with me, Harry," he said softly. "It was once your home too." Harry dropped his eyes.

"I... Let me get my things," he said and ran out of the kitchen. As he did a rapid magical pack and shrunk his belongings, he thought hard. Why was Severus here? How had he found him? And why was he being so nice?

Numb with delayed shock and stunned by the un-snarkyness of his companion, Harry allowed Severus to Apparate them to just outside Hogwarts grounds.  He followed the older man inside, not making a single sound of protest as they walked into the dungeons.  Once inside Severus' quarters, the reality of what had almost happened hit him, and Harry lost it.  Severus immediately pulled him down on the couch, taking the raven-haired man into his arms.

Harry wrapped himself around the man who he had always thought of as his rock and he wept. Severus didn't say a word; he only rubbed soothing circles into Harry’s back and let him cry. After a few minutes, Harry pulled back, embarrassed about the display.

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "I didn't mean to do that. It all just hit me at once, you know?"

Severus shushed him by placing a long finger gently against his mouth. "You are safe here," he said.

Harry stared into those obsidian eyes.  Once he thought them cold, and unfeeling.  Now he knew just how deep the mask was this man wore. 

"I always have been, haven't I?" he whispered.  Finally daring to do what he'd dreamed of so often, he leaned forward and caught Severus' lips with his own.  That first kiss was simple, but sweet, just a joining of their mouths.  Harry pulled back, searching Severus' eyes for any sign of discomfort, or reluctance.  Severus growled lightly and, gripping the back of his head, proceeded to plunder his mouth.

Harry opened to the agile tongue, moaning as Severus took control of the kiss and showed him exactly what he liked. He was gathered closer into strong arms and then laid down onto the couch. Pulling away, Severus looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Do you really want me, Harry? An old curmudgeon like me?"  Harry nodded and pulled his face close.

"Be careful," he whispered. "That's MY old curmudgeon you're talking about," he said tenderly.

Pressing his lips to Harry's throat, Severus sucked gently. "That pathetic excuse for man was confused about many things, wasn't he?" he whispered. "You're mine, Harry, as I am yours. Is that acceptable?"

Harry sighed contentedly. "Yes, more than," he replied.

Their bodies aligned, wringing a gasp from Harry as he felt delicious friction on his hard cock.  He started to thrust, giving in to the sensations.  When Severus pulled away, halting their movements, he whined in confusion. 

"I'm too old for this, Brat.  My bedroom is that way."  Grinning at his commanding tone, Harry jumped up and headed for the indicated room, shedding clothes along the way.

Adding a small shimmy to his walk, Harry grinned at the low moan that Severus let out as the older man followed him into the bedroom. Walking over to the bed, Harry climbed on, making sure to give his new lover a good look at his arse before he collapsed in a sprawl. Eyes glued to the intoxicating vision on his bed, Severus stripped with a wave of his wand, and then, tossing the piece of wood onto the pile of clothes, he walked over to Harry and slid on top of him. Both men groaned at the feeling of skin on skin.

Harry moaned, seeking Severus' mouth.  A hand wrapped around his cock and he spread his legs willingly, letting his lover settle between them.  His own hands played in Severus' hair, trailing down thin shoulders, before settling on his chest.  Their mouths met again and again as they explored.

Severus slid his mouth away from Harry's and down that toned chest, stopping to taste a nipple. Harry arched into his mouth, unbearably aroused.

"Please," he moaned, hands tangled in long dark hair. Severus bit him lightly and then soothed with his tongue and was rewarded by a burst of moisture from Harry's cock that smeared over his hand.

Harry decided that there was plenty of time later for loving caresses and slowness.  Right now, he wanted to be fucked.  He wanted Severus to pound away any memory of Dennis and the past.  He squirmed away from Severus and went to his hands and knees, wriggling his bum in his lover's face. 

"Now, Severus. I want you now." 

Severus growled. "Very well, Harry," he said. Accio’ing a pot of his own lubricant over, he smeared some on his fingers and circled the entrance to Harry's body with sure touches. Harry's head flew back and tried to impale himself on Severus' fingers.

"More," he begged.

Listening to Harry's moaning and pleading was rapidly causing his self-control to deteriorate.  Severus withdrew his fingers, hoping that he’d stretched his lover enough.  He pushed into the welcoming heat, giving a small gasp when Harry shoved back against him, causing him to be buried to the hilt. 

“I said now, Severus!” Harry ordered, looking back over his shoulder at his lover.  “Fuck me now!”

"Impertinent brat!" Severus grasped the slim hips in front of him and rammed himself deeply into the tightest heat he had ever encountered in his life. His eyes rolled up in his head as Harry's passage rippled around him in reaction.

"Are you all right?" he gasped, his head drooping forward onto Harry's sweaty back.

"Gods, yes!" Harry groaned. "Don't stop! You feel amazing..."

At this, Severus abandoned all pretense of gentleness and set a brutal pace.  Harry dropped his head, pushing back, moaning and begging for more, faster, harder, godsyesSeverusplease...  Severus barely had presence of mine to reach around and grasp Harry's leaking cock, stroking it in time to his thrusts.  When Harry came, his passage constricted around Severus' erection, and he saw stars, crying out as he emptied into his lover.

They collapsed together, Severus crushing Harry beneath him until he had the presence of mind to roll and pull Harry on top of him.

"Gods! That was..."

"Amazing," Severus finished, placing a small kiss to the corner of Harry's tempting mouth. Harry smiled and wrapped himself around the older man.

"Thanks for rescuing me," he whispered.

"My pleasure, Potter," Severus smirked, placing another kiss on Harry's mouth.  "I can assure you."  Harry sighed, snuggling into the strong arms that wrapped around him.  His world was once again right; his rock held him fast.


Ron fiddled with his bottle of butterbeer, waiting for Harry’s judgement.  He had just finished confessing to his friend his actions the night of ‘the dance’.  He was frightened it would ruin their friendship.   

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair.  He’d suspected at first that it was Ron, but had never imagined his friend had interfered quite that much.   

“It doesn’t matter now, Ron,” Harry finally said.  “I still managed to end up with Severus, and I couldn’t be happier.”

“So how did you get with Severus, if I messed it up at first?”

And so Harry launched into his tale.  He watched as the emotions played across Ron’s face, anger predominating.  He spoke of Dennis and the attempted rape, and Severus’ rescue.  Finally finished recounting the events leading up to his relationship with Severus, Harry said,  “And THAT'S how I ended up where I am today.  And found myself happier than I ever thought I could be.” 

“I’m glad, Harry,” Ron said, and he could honestly say he was. His eyes widened at something behind his friend. Before Harry could turn around he felt himself enveloped in strong, sinewy arms. He smiled as soft lips ghosted over the nape of his neck.

"Careful," he laughed. "My boyfriend might see."

Severus snorted and sat down next to his young lover. "I overheard you and Mr. Weasley just now, Harry." He nodded to Ron, who gaped like a landed fish.

"Mmm. I was telling him how we ended up together," Harry said, leaning into Severus' warmth.

"Thank you for being good to him, Professor," Ron said.

Severus inclined his head. "It was the least I could do," he said. "And we did have the pleasure of getting rid of that bloody bastard." 


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