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SS/HP, The Audition, NC-17

Title: The Audition
Author: alisanne
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A day in the life of Harry Potter, sex slave.
Genre: Erotica
Warnings: Kink, toys, threesome, slash, graphic sex

Beta’d by eeyore9990, thanks, love!

Written as a pick me up for knightmare_shad, cuz I know she likes threesomes. *g*

Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form are they mine. I'd like to think they enjoy the games I come up with for them to play, though.


The Audition


Harry crept down the stairs, clutching the Cloak about his shoulders convulsively.

Merlin, they keep it cold down here, he thought. Damned snakes....

He got to the end of the hallway, to the forbidding door, and he pushed it open.

As expected, his Master was standing there, waiting.

Harry slipped the Cloak off, bending his head submissively.

“Come in, Potter.”

Severus’ voice was cool, slithering over his skin and making him shiver from more than just the lowered temperature.

He stepped into the room, the door swinging closed behind him.

He stood quietly as Severus circled him, the brush of his robes pulling against Harry’s ankles.

“Strip,” Severus commanded, his voice low.

Harry did so without hesitation, dropping his clothes where he stood.

Severus made a low humming noise in the back of his throat when he saw Harry’s erection gently bobbing in the cool air.

“Such an eager little slut, Mr. Potter,” he murmured.

When that long fingered hand reached out and caressed his turgid flesh, Harry closed his eyes and gasped.

“Silence,” Severus said, cupping Harry’s cock in his hand as if weighing it. And perhaps he was. He whispered an incantation, and suddenly there was a constriction at the base.

Harry gasped, and Severus stepped back. “That should keep you under control,” he said.

Harry stared up at him, silent, but his eyes begging for Severus’ touch.

“Come here,” Severus ordered, pointing to his desk.

Harry walked over to the large, solid piece of furniture.

Walking up behind him, Severus leaned down and whispered, the breath of his words rustling past Harry’s sensitive ear.

“Lean over and receive today’s gift, brat.”

Harry leaned over the desk, swallowing a moan as his legs were kicked apart, the stiff fabric of Severus’ robes rubbing against Harry’s skin.

Harry’s cock was trapped against the desk, his balls clearly visible through the vee of his legs.

“But first, before your gift, comes your punishment.”

Harry barely had time to prepare when he felt Severus step away from him, and then the paddle descended.

“One,” Harry moaned, wriggling his arse as the blossoming pain made him hiss. His cock hardened even more and now pressed uncomfortably into the unrelenting wood.

The blows followed in quick succession, although he had only earned five of them. He hoped to earn more by day’s end.

A cool, firm hand soothed the abused flesh, and then a slicked finger insinuated itself into his crack and brushed against his hole.

“You will enjoy this,” Severus said, his voice dark with promise. Harry swallowed convulsively as his Master’s full weight pressed against him, even as that oh so agile finger slid up inside him, pressing his pleasure point.

He jumped as the electric feeling flew through him.

“Do not move,” Severus instructed, even as he pumped the finger in and out, in and out, in... Harry’s eyes fluttered as a second finger slid in next to the first and began to spread him open.

“Your body just begs for this, you know,” Severus said conversationally, the casual nature of his words belied by the way he panted in Harry’s ear. “It just begs to have any part of me inside. You don’t care what I put in you, do you, Mr. Potter?”

Harry gasped again. This was a trick question, wasn’t it?

He couldn’t contain his moan of disappointment when Severus withdrew the fingers.

“Ah, you have just earned more punishment later,” Severus said, smirking.

As Severus drew away, Harry wondered what was next. He was sure that his Master was not done....

The press of a blunt shape against his loosened hole made him whimper. He thought he recognized the shape, but surely....

“You should enjoy this,” Severus said.

A strong push and it was seated inside him. It made him feel full, but not uncomfortably so.

Stepping away, Severus said, “Turn around.”

Harry did so, moving stiffly with the object in his arse.

Severus smiled. “On,” he said, and Harry cried out as the object in his arse started to throb.

Smirking now, Severus said, “Buzz. Pulse. Slide,” in quick succession, and the object mimicked what he said. “Stop,” Severus said, smiling as Harry’s eyes started to roll back into his head.

Stepping close to him, Severus said, “All day, Mr. Potter. All day you will have that object inside you, doing whatever I tell it to do. That should make for some interesting classes. And so should these.”

Pulling two small rings out of his pocket, he stepped up to Harry and pressed one up to Harry’s nipple.

Harry felt a pinch, looking down to see that the ring was really a snake coiled upon itself. It blinked up at him and then opened its mouth and clamped onto his sensitive nipple, coiling itself around the nub as it rubbed its tail against the abused flesh.

Harry moaned at the stimulation as Severus grinned and placed the other ring on the other nipple. It was going to be horribly distracting, Harry realized, between the dildo in his arse and the snake nipple clamps.

Harry’s mouth had fallen open, and Severus sighed.

“We barely have time, Mr. Potter, but I find I must use that mouth of yours. Kneel!”

Harry quickly knelt in front of his Master, looking up for more instructions.

“Suck me,” Severus commanded, and Harry quickly undid the robes and the trousers, finding Severus’ thick dripping organ underneath.

He licked the head, the way he knew Severus liked, and for his trouble got a rough hand in his hair.

“Probably the most useful thing you’ll do with that smart mouth all day,” Severus muttered, shoving his cock deep into the warm cavern.

Harry gagged and Severus pushed even deeper, loving the feeling. “Slide,” he said, and the dildo started fucking Harry. It was agonizingly slow, but it felt marvelous, and Harry moaned around his mouthful, the vibrations pushing Severus quickly over the edge.

He came with a shout, spending himself down Harry’s throat in a series of thick pulses, then pulling away.

Harry swallowed what he could and then licked his lips, trying to collect the rest of Severus’ semen. He moaned as the dildo kept moving, and Severus smiled.

“Stop,” he said, and the dildo stopped moving, sitting there with just a low throb.

“Stand up and get dressed. You may go,” he said to Harry, who clambered to his feet. “Report back here immediately after dinner.”

Stepping over to the pile of discarded clothes, Severus picked up Harry’s pants. “I shall keep this today, however,” he said, caressing the underwear lightly before slipping it into his robes.

Harry moaned low in his throat and walked over to start getting dressed for the day. He was very conscious of the watching eyes as he replaced his clothing, having difficulty stuffing his hard and dripping cock back into his trousers.

Severus simply smirked the entire time, and as Harry turned to leave, Severus said, “I shall expect you to be back at seven, Mr. Potter. Do not be late.”

With a jerky nod, Harry left, his gait a bit off.

Withdrawing the scrap of fabric from his robes, Severus pressed it to his face and breathed deeply. He was already hard again in anticipation of the day’s fun.


Harry’s first class was Transfigurations, for which he was very grateful. If anyone was guaranteed to wilt his erection, it was his Head of House, after all.

Plus, this was a class he had with Ron and Hermione, and their cooing and flirting had been known to put him off his meals, much less sex.

He did all right for the first few minutes, but then the dildo in his arse started up, and the next few minutes found him clutching the desk convulsively as it slid in and out of him.

The nipple snakes evidently wanted in on the fun as well. The left one started alternately tightening its body around and then releasing the sensitive nub in pulses, the right following just behind. The sting of its tiny teeth as it pulled felt like Severus, when he would bite and suck him.

Harry bit his lip, trying to contain the moan that was bubbling up from his throat from all the stimulation.

Spreading his legs, he leaned forward, trying to see if that would make the movements less distracting, but no, that just made it hit his prostate on a more consistent basis.

As McGonagall droned on, Harry shuddered, the dildo’s slow fucking just enough to tease but not enough to satisfy. The cock ring spell held fast, and Harry was aching by the time his next class started.

And fuck, it was Potions.

“Are you all right, Harry?” Hermione asked as they entered the Potions classroom.

Harry nodded, his attention immediately fixed on the object of his obsession, who was even now standing next to his desk, a darkly intimidating presence.

Another moan threatened to escape his lips. Fuck, Severus is sexy!

He’d kept his mind open as he had that thought, holding Severus’ eyes with his and allowing him a look inside his mind.

The small quirk of the Potions master’s lips signaled that he’d seen the thought, and Harry felt assured of more punishment for that later.

As if in response, the dildo, which had stopped moving a few minutes earlier, resumed its slow in and out glide, and Harry stumbled momentarily.

“First day with the new legs, Mr. Potter?” Severus asked sarcastically, drawing laughter from the Slytherin side of the room.

As the class progressed, Harry managed at times to do most of the assignment, Hermione helping him as best she could with whispered suggestions.

Severus had too much respect for the brewing of potions to make the toys distract Harry during his class, so that by the end, Harry had a credible vial of Anti-Itching Potion to present.

Sitting at his desk and accepting the submissions, Severus looked down his nose at Harry’s offering.

“Hmm... This looks, remarkably enough, the way the potion is supposed to look, Mr. Potter,” he said, his luscious voice sliding through Harry. “I suspect you must have had help.” His eyes slid to Hermione.

“I am assigning you detention this evening so that you can demonstrate that you are actually capable of this level of brewing, and are not cheating off of your House mates. Seven p.m. in my quarters. Do not be late!”

As Hermione sputtered in indignation, and the Slytherins all laughed, Harry looked into Severus’ eyes.

“Yes, Sir,” he said.

Severus smiled and then dismissed them, the dildo’s sudden buzz in Harry’s arse ensuring that he got the message. It was going to be a long and satisfying evening.


“Let me get this straight,” Ron asked as they gathered for Quidditch practice later. “That greasy bastard gave you detention for submitting a correct potion?”

Harry nodded, distracted by the alternate pulsing and buzzing of the dildo.

Ron rolled his eyes. “Remind me again why you’re not reporting him for abuse?”

Harry shrugged, the pull of the snake nipple clamps providing delicious friction against his shirt as he did so.

“What good would it do?” he replied, eyeing his broom with trepidation. He wasn’t sure how well he’d ride with the magical dildo riding him.

“At the very least someone might look into it, Harry,” Ginny said, walking up to them from behind him.

Sighing and squelching his irritation at Ginny’s eavesdropping, Harry shrugged again. “It won’t change anything,” he said. “And I’m not going to let Se... let Snape get the better of me. I can take whatever he has to dish out.”

Ginny huffed and stalked away, taking to the sky on her broom.

Ron leaned over close to Harry. “She was planning on asking you out tonight, mate,” he confided. “So it’s understandable that she’s a bit miffed.”

Harry turned towards Ron, the feeling of panic managing to squelch his arousal for moment as he thought over the implications of dating Ginny.

“She was? Shit... oh, sorry, Ron,” Harry said guiltily.

Ron shook his head. “No worries, mate,” he said. “I know you don’t have feelings for her. I’ve known for a while now. We’ve been working on her, but she’s pretty stubborn. She’ll get it eventually, don’t worry.”

Harry smiled, grateful for his friend’s understanding, and as they both took to the air to begin practice, he managed to hold his seat on his broom without difficulty.

When he saw the Snitch, he took off after it, focused on catching it, and as his fingers closed around its fluttering wings, the dildo gave a huge pulse and twisted inside him.

He spasmed, almost dropping the Snitch, having just enough awareness to hold on to it as the pleasure spiraled through him. He feared for his sanity for a moment, the need to come was so strong.

Wrestling his libido under control once more, he flew to the ground, swinging his legs gingerly off his broom and allowing his robes to cover the telltale bulge in his crotch.

As he handed the Snitch off to Ron for replacement into the case, he looked up to see Severus in the distance.

Sadistic bastard! Harry thought at him fiercely.

The dildo twisted once more as if Severus had heard him, and then it settled down to its customary low hum.

“C’mon, Harry. Let’s eat before you have to go to detention,” Ron said.

Making a noise of agreement, Harry followed his House mates, almost speechless with anticipation for the night.


Harry stood before Severus’ door at five minutes until seven, breathing heavily. He wasn’t sure what his Master’s reaction would be to his showing up early, so he’d decided to wait for a minute before knocking.

“Oh for... Come in, Potter! I can sense you there,” a voice said from inside, and Harry flushed.

Pushing the door open, he stepped in, allowing it to close softly behind him.

Severus was out of his austere robes, clad in a buttoned down white shirt and casual trousers, sitting sprawled in a comfortable chair, sipping a snifter of brandy.

Harry’s breathing hitched as he saw Lucius Malfoy in the chair next to him, also casually dressed.

“We have a guest this evening, Harry,” Severus said silkily. “Bid him welcome.”

“Good evening, Lord Malfoy.”

Harry trembled, wondering what Malfoy’s presence could signify.

Lucius laughed. “So shy, Mr. Potter,” he mocked gently. “I was led to believe that you’re an eager little slut. Come here and greet me properly.”

Harry walked across the room, conscious of the dildo, which had changed from a buzz to the slow glide when he’d hit the door.

When he got to Lucius’ chair, the blond reached up and pulled him down onto his lap, settling Harry so that he was straddling him.

“Now, perhaps we can have that greeting again,” Lucius suggested.

Harry leaned forward, pressing his lips against Lucius’, and then the older man took over. Stabbing his way inside Harry’s mouth with his tongue, he explored at his leisure, licking every slick surface and finding every sensitive crevice.

By the time he pulled away, Harry was squirming to try to get closer, the nipple clamps rubbing against him deliciously.

“You were right, Severus,” Lucius said, eyes glittering with arousal. “He is very eager.”

Severus smirked. “Perhaps we should retire to somewhere more comfortable,” he suggested. “Stand up, Harry, and you shall remain silent until I say.”

With a nod to acknowledge that he’d heard the order, Harry slid off Lucius’ lap and followed the two men into the bedroom. His throat tightened in anticipation when he saw the selection of toys laid out next to the large bed.

“Strip and receive your punishment,” Severus instructed, and Harry hurried to do so.

When he was naked, Harry turned towards Severus. His cock was almost purple, curving up towards his stomach, dripping with precome, and twitching from the entire day’s denial.

“Oh, how delicious he looks,” Lucius purred. “I cannot wait to taste him.”

“Remove Lord Malfoy’s clothes, Harry,” Severus instructed. “And then see to mine.”

With trembling hands, Harry did so, unable to prevent himself from brushing against the blond’s erect cock as he removed his trousers.

Shifting over to his Master, he shakingly removed Severus’ clothes, unable to prevent a moan from escaping when Severus reached behind him and fondled the dildo.

A few seconds of that had Harry’s head tilting back, guttural moans coming from his throat.

Severus suddenly reached back and smacked his arse.

“You forget yourself,” he said sharply. “Tend to our guest, and then I shall tend to your punishment.”

Stepping back, Harry nodded and licked his lips, walking slowly towards Lucius.

When Harry got there, Lucius caressed his face, looking over to Severus, who nodded at the unspoken question there.

“On your knees, Potter,” Lucius purred. “Let’s see if that mouth is as talented as your Master says.”

Harry dropped to the ground, looking up at Lucius from beneath his lashes. He opened his mouth when the blond’s fingers brushed his face, tilting his head up to receive the hard length.

With delicate licks and sucks he set out to destroy Lucius’ composure, but finally was gagging a bit on the thrusting cock sliding in and out of his warm, wet mouth.

Lucius was delicious, and Harry hummed around him as he swallowed, causing Lucius to lose control, his hips snapping as he buried himself in Harry’s throat. He came moments later, grinding his hips into Harry’s face.

Severus was panting when they finished, his cock hard and leaking.

When Lucius pulled his limp organ out of Harry’s mouth, he stepped away to drop almost bonelessly onto the bed.

“Ohhhh, he is talented, Severus! You have taught him quite well, although I think he needs some punishment. He made several noises, and I remember distinctly your telling him not to.”

Severus snorted. “He always deserves punishment, Lucius,” he said.

Harry bent his head, waiting for more instructions. His arse ached with the dildo that was still embedded there, although it evidently had some sort of self lubricating feature. Harry imagined he would be raw otherwise. The snake clamps were quiescent.

“Go to your bench, Harry,” Severus instructed. “And assume the position.”

Rising to his feet, Harry staggered over to the wooden bench where he had spent so much time the past few months, since he and Severus had set up their arrangement.

As he knelt, the dildo continued its gliding motions in and out of him, and he shook in anticipation of what his Master’s next action would be. Grasping the edge of the bench and widening the space between his knees, he leaned forward, his forehead resting against the wood.

Lucius watched eagerly as Severus selected something from the items that were laid out on the table, and then turned back to Harry.

Harry closed his eyes in anticipation, the swish of the crop as it flew towards his bare backside his only warning before the blow. He relaxed into the blossoming burn, holding his arse high in the air for the next one, even as he counted them out.

“One!” he cried in a clear voice, his buttocks flexing.

Lucius’ mouth fell open, the entrancing sight of the red marks spreading on that soft white skin enclosing the firm globes, even as the dildo peeked at him from its position nestled in the tight hole....

His hand strayed to his stirring hardness, and he stroked in time to the blows, even as Harry continued counting, his voice never faltering.

“Twenty!” he sobbed, his flanks quivering with tension, and in a trice, Severus was over him, his long fingers tracing a soothing pattern over the abused flesh.

“Very good, pet,” he murmured, smiling as he finally pulled the dildo out.

Harry moaned as he did so, and Severus chuckled. “You are free to be vocal now, Harry,” he said. “What do you want?”

Turning his head to look up at Severus, eyes streaming, Harry said, “Fuck me, Master. Please.”

Satisfied, Severus looked him over. “You deserve the bed tonight, sweet. Go on over there.”

Slowly getting to his feet, Harry staggered over to the bed, eyeing Lucius before climbing on.

“On your stomach, pet,” Severus instructed, and Harry flipped over to lie face down.

As Severus walked over to the bed, he whispered a spell, causing silken ties to flow from the head and the foot of the bed. Then his long hands were tying Harry down securely, and Harry relaxed into the touches.

“Simply gorgeous,” Lucius whispered.

A heavy weigh settled next to him, and Harry gasped as an agile mouth skimmed over the reddened flesh of his arse. A wet tongue licked over the crevice in between his cheeks and then was delving down, searching for that spot...

Harry arched when it flicked over his furled and loosened hole, but he couldn’t move too far, confined as he was by the silk.

“Little slut.” Severus’ midnight voice washed over him, making him shudder. “So greedy. You’ll do anything to have any part of me inside you.”

“Yes, Master... Please!” Harry begged, moving his arse as best he could in search of more of the luscious sensation of that tongue.

A dark chuckle wafted up and then Severus’ weight was settling onto his back. “I’m afraid I have little patience for licking you open, little one,” Severus said, his mouth now next to Harry’s ear. “The thought of my favorite dildo fucking you all day is simply to much for me.”

Harry keened as Severus thrust his cock firmly inside him, sliding it in all the way and then just staying there.

He set up a brutal pace, which Harry withstood easily since he’d been well stretched and lubricated by the dildo. His trapped cock still ached for release however, and every thrust of Severus inside, caused almost unbearable friction against his abused nipples, which still had the snake clamps on.

Severus sped up, finally coming inside Harry with a series a hard pulses that racked his trim frame.

Coming to rest atop Harry, Severus slid out of him and rolled off.

Gesturing to Lucius, Severus forcibly turned Harry’s face towards him. “Are you ready for more, pet?” he asked, gently licking the tears from Harry’s face.

At Harry’s nod, he smiled at Lucius, who lined himself up at Harry’s well used hole and slid in deeply.

Another whispered word released Harry’s hands from their binding, and Severus lifted Harry even as Lucius was pushing inside him.

Sliding underneath Harry, Severus supported him as Lucius pulled him up and against his chest.

Harry moaned with each thrust, opening his eyes wide when the snake clamps were released. The blood rushing back to his over sensitized nipples made him cry out, and Severus smiled, licking the abused flesh, curling that long tongue around them as he pulled gently.

Working his way down the writing body in front of him, Severus finally ended up in front of Harry’s purpled and dripping cock.

“Look at me, pet,” Severus ordered softly, gratified to see Harry’s eyes immediately find his.

Lucius continued his steady fucking, even as Severus bent his head and sucked the tip of Harry’s cock into his mouth.

Harry screamed, his hips not knowing which way to go, forward, towards the divine mouth, or backward onto the long thick cock that was piercing him.

Severus pulled off and, whispering a word, swallowed Harry to the root.

With the cock binding spell finally gone, Harry withstood two more thrusts of Lucius and one long suck from Severus before he started coming. And coming. And coming.

He howled as he came and Severus smiled around his mouthful, swallowing every bitter drop.

Harry’s convulsing hole pushed Lucius to the edge, and he too, came grunting loudly as he emptied himself inside Harry.

The pleasure was so overwhelming, that Harry lost consciousness, his last thought that of pleasure and release and joy.

When he came to, what was probably several minutes later, he was in between the two men, his back to Severus’ chest, Lucius on his side facing him, long fingers grazing his hip, his nipples, his quiescent cock.

“Are you all right, Harry?” Severus asked gently, his mouth right next to Harry’s ear.

Smiling, Harry said, “That was brilliant, yeah!”

Severus smirked and looked over Harry’s head at his friend. “You see? I told you, Lucius. He loves it.”

Lucius nodded, his eyes glittering even as he continued to stroke Harry’s hip.

“Would you like to do this again, Harry?” Severus continued. “Perhaps this time with Lucius’ pets?”

Harry’s mouth dropped open. What the...? This had been an audition? His eyes met Lucius’ and what he saw there made him nod.

“Yeah. I... yeah, that might be fun,” he allowed.

“I shall have to arrange it then,” Lucius said. “Perhaps next week.”

As Severus murmured his agreement, Harry snuggled closer to his Master.

“Rest now, Harry,” Severus said. “I will wake you when it is time to return to your dorm.”

Harry closed his eyes, secure, hoping for as good a day tomorrow.


ETA: You can read the sequel, The Event, HERE.

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