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SS/HP, Know Who I Am, NC-17

Title: Know Who I Am
Author: alisanne
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts as a Professor, and discovers that the things he thought he knew for sure might not be true.
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Warnings: Slash, PWP, graphic sex, sweet and schmoopy!Severus, very, very AU!!

Thanks to knightmare_shad, vlredreign and melisande431 for the painstaking beta work. All mistakes are mine. Special thanks to vlredreign for coming up with the title.

Feedback: Yes, please!!

Disclaimer: Harry and his Friends do not belong to me, sadly.

Song lyrics and title are from the song “Iris”, sung by The GooGoo Dolls.


Know Who I Am: Chapter One


~And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am~

Harry looked up at the impressively old stone building where he had spent some of the best and worst years of his life. Who could have imagined that he would be back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a teacher a scant five years after having graduated?

He smiled to himself and, fondling the shrunken luggage that was in his pocket, walked up to the front gates. His life had taken quite a turn recently. Having finally defeated Voldemort in his seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry had wanted to forget everything related to that last battle and their many losses, so he had thrown himself into professional Quidditch for a few years. That had not been satisfying, however, and after months of complaining to Hermione that he wasn't using his degree at all, she had finally persuaded him to go back to school -- Durmstrang this time -- to get an advanced degree in Defensive magic.

He had scarcely believed it when Dumbledore had contacted him looking for a DADA teacher. When they had thrown in assistant Quidditch coach as a perk, Harry had snapped up the job. It would be sort of a reunion, since Hermione was there as Transfigurations master. She and Ron had gotten married the year after the war ended and now Ron was an Auror, living at Hogwarts and commuting to London daily.

Despite the fact that the Dark Lord was gone, Harry imagined that having an Auror on the premises made Dumbledore feel better about the many Death Eaters still “at large”.

It would be different being at Hogwarts as a teacher, but some things were the same. Snape was still Potions master and reportedly was still terrorizing the students, although to read Hermione's letters one would almost think she liked the old professor.

Harry shook his head. He must have been imagining the warm tones with which she referred to the man in her letters. He was probably still an obnoxious git. An incredibly sexy impossible git. With a voice that could melt steel and luscious obsidian eyes...

Shaking his head to try to clear it of those thoughts, Harry walked determinedly up the front stairs. It would be different now. This time Harry would be on equal standing with the man, so no more detentions or removal of house points would be happening.

"I'll just avoid him," Harry thought to himself.  Surely they could manage to be polite over the few meals a week that they would have to eat together in the great hall. He ruthlessly suppressed a shiver of anticipation at the thought of seeing the teacher he had had such a crush on. Might still have a crush on. No! That way lay madness. He was over Snape, well and truly over him.

Harry sighed and looked around as he walked into the grand entrance hall of the school. Funny, he would have sworn that the owl message had said there would be someone here to greet him.... As if his thoughts had conjured her, he heard swift footsteps on the stone floors and looked up to see Hermione hurrying towards him.

"Harry!" He was enveloped in a scented hug.

"Hey, Hermione!" he said, smiling to see his old friend, who looked the same. Her hair was a bit tamer, pulled back into a more staid style, but her brown eyes twinkled with humor and she immediately started chattering away.

"I felt you Apparate outside of the wards, and I hurried as quickly as I could. We never did get confirmation of your exact arrival time..."  Tucking her arm in his, she led him towards the tower where he would be living.

As they walked deeper into the Slytherin dungeons, he looked around, puzzled.

“But... but I thought I’d be in the Gryffindor tower with you guys...”

Hermione smiled. “Sorry about that,” she said. “There’s only so much room over there and it’s a particularly popular tower right now. What with Ron and me, and Neville... er, I mean Professor Longbottom... Well, we’re tripping over each other there. And Severus... um... Professor Snape is all by himself here...” She trailed off at Harry’s incredulous look.

“I...” Well what could he say, really? “It’s fine, Hermione. Really. I’ll manage. He can’t hate me too much anymore, after all.”

“He never hated you at all, Harry,” Hermione said firmly as she opened the doors to his set of rooms. “He had to pretend because of all that ‘Death Eater’ business, but it was never personal. Well, not too personal anyway.”

It would be fine. Really. Just because he would be living in close proximity to his dream man meant nothing. I am completely over him, Harry reminded himself.

He looked around curiously. The room was warm and although located in the dungeon, the illusion of a window with a view onto a sunny field was surprisingly effective. Harry didn’t feel claustrophobic at all.

The two friends settled in a couple of comfortable chairs and lazily waved their wands as Harry pulled his luggage out of his pockets to unpack. After restoring them to regular size, they rapidly put Harry’s belongings away. Harry really liked Magic unpacking.

Don’t ask about Snape! Don’t ask about Snape, Harry admonished himself as they sat there directing things. But eventually, he caved.

“So, it sounds as if you and Snape have become good friends since you’ve come back,” Harry said casually, after a few minutes of gossiping about the Hogwarts staff.

Hermione smiled. “You’ll be surprised when you see him again,” she said cryptically.

Surprised? Harry frowned at her in confusion and then laughed as she levitated his green dress robes into his closet, but not before she twirled them around with her wand to check them out.

“Very nice, Harry,” she complemented. “Someone’s been shopping, hmm?”

He grinned. “Yeah, Draco took me to some shops before I came here.”

Hermione pursed her lips. “Draco? So... are you two still an item, then?”

Harry shook his head. “Nah. We split up. He and Blaise really had too much history together. I’m glad they’re back together, actually. I think I was just a distraction for him. I never took him too seriously, thank Merlin. We’re just good friends now.”

His friend smiled gently and started levitating books into shelves. “Does that mean you’re single then, Harry?” she asked softly.

He nodded. “Yeah, unfortunately.”

“Mind if I arrange something?” she said carefully, not wanting to be too forward.

“You know of someone that I might like?” Harry said, hoping he didn’t sound too eager.

Hermione winked at him. “I might. You’ll have to see what you think, won’t you?”

Harry smiled and dropped it. If his friends wanted to try to set him up, he wouldn’t try to stop them. Merlin knew he could use a date. Well, he admitted to himself, maybe more than just a date. He was getting tired of spending every Saturday night with his right hand. Maybe Snape would.... He ruthlessly crushed the thought.

Once the unpacking was accomplished, Hermione turned to her friend and said, “So I’ll just take you up to the Headmaster’s office, shall I, Harry? He wanted to see you once you got settled.”

Harry nodded, and got up to follow her.

As they walked towards Dumbledore’s office, Harry tried to remember who Hermione had said had come back to Hogwarts to teach. She very obviously had someone in mind to set him up with; he could tell from the smirk around her lips. He ran through all the names as she chattered on. Neville? No, not unless he had suddenly turned gay. Perhaps there was a new professor who Harry didn’t know about?

All too quickly, they arrived at the Headmaster’s door.

“The password is ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’,” she said, rolling her eyes eloquently.

Harry grinned. Some things never changed.

“And I’ll see you at six for supper, Harry,” she called over her shoulder as she left.

Supper? Damnit, he must have missed some of the conversation. “Errr... sure. Where again?”

“Our quarters in the Tower,” Hermione said. “Did you hear anything I said to you on the way over? Honestly, Harry....”

“It’s your own fault,” Harry laughed. “You distracted me with the promise of a date.” At her answering scowl, his grin got bigger. Only an hour back, and he already had Hermione exasperated with him.

“Well, I’d better go on in,” he said. “I don’t want to keep him waiting.”

“Yes, I expect not,” Hermione said. “Remember supper is in an hour. And I’m making dinner by hand, so come with a good appetite.”

Harry sketched a salute and then glanced at the clock in the hallway. It said, Time to Meet With Headmaster. And so it was.


“Welcome, my dear boy!”

Dumbledore looked almost exactly the same, except for a few extra wrinkles about the eyes, and really, who would notice or care about such things? Once a wizard got to his mid-hundreds, a few decades would scarcely matter to him.

“Professor Dumbledore.”

As he stood there looking at his mentor, Fawkes flew over and stood on Harry’s shoulder, gently nuzzling his ear. Harry had to fight back tears for a moment. It had been five long years since he had seen his old Headmaster, and just the sight of him brought back memories of the awful last battle with Voldemort, and of all the friends they had lost.

“Sit, my boy,” the old man said gently. “Let me pour you a cup of tea.”

Fawkes flew off, his phoenix song trilling in the distance. A sip of the sweet tea fortified him a bit and Harry relaxed into his chair and smiled at the Headmaster.

“I am glad that you could rejoin us here, Harry,” Dumbledore said softly. “I think you will be a splendid addition to our staff.”

“Thanks, sir,” Harry replied. “I’m a bit nervous, but I am looking forward to the classes starting.”

“Excellent, my boy. Now, remember that you may call me Albus, since you are on staff, although we do tend to use our professional names when speaking in front of the students.”

Harry nodded, but he thought it would be a cold day in Hades before he called Dumbledore ‘Albus’ to his face.

They chatted for a while about Harry’s duties and his schedule. DADA was taught to second year students and up. His classes were stacked such that he had every Friday off to allow him time for lesson preparation and the occasional weekend off.

“You shall be teaching classes with combined houses, just as was the practice when you attended school here. Gryffindor with Slytherin, Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw. I imagine your classes will be quite... interesting for the first few days.”

Harry smiled. Yes, he imagined there would be plenty of new students who would be just waiting to pull some lovely stunts. Especially on the famous Professor Potter. He already had some strategies in mind, however. He hadn’t almost been Sorted into Slytherin for nothing.

Dumbledore nodded, as if he knew what Harry was thinking. And maybe he did. Harry would put nothing past the crafty old man.

Glancing at the wall, the Headmaster stood up.

“Well, Harry, I think you have a supper engagement, do you not?”

Harry nodded, wondering how he knew, and standing up, shook the Headmaster’s hand before taking his leave.

“And remember, my boy,” Dumbledore called out after him as he walked away. “One’s interactions in the past do not have to colour one’s current relationships. Things and people change, as might your mind, when you find that you have not always have been in full possession of the facts.”

Harry frowned, puzzled. Then he shrugged. Turning around he continued down the hallway towards the Gryffindor tower and supper with his friends. He was long past trying to figure out half of what Dumbledore said. He would see what Hermione made of it. Maybe she could interpret.


To find Hermione and Ron’s quarters, all Harry had to do was follow the delectable smells. And avoid the treacherous moving staircases.

He smiled as he walked up to the door of his friend’s quarters. He could hear a lively discussion going on inside. Knocking, he jumped back as the door flew open to reveal a grinning Ron.


Hogwarts’ new DADA professor was grabbed, pulled into a fierce hug, and then yanked inside.

Harry laughingly fought his friend off. “Hey, gerroff! I came for dinner. No one said anything about being mauled!”

Ron grinned back. “Sorry, mate. Price of admission,” he said, dragging Harry over to the couch.

Ron looks great, and really happy, Harry thought a tad jealously.

Harry looks a bit sad, Ron thought, looking at him closely. Maybe Hermione is right to do this.

They settled into the comfortable living room. Harry looked around and could see traces of the Burrow here. Mrs. Weasley had obviously had a hand in the decorating, although Hermione’s stamp was clearly on the place as well.

The room was cozily cluttered with homey touches. The obviously handmade quilts on the walls and the many knitted throws dotting the chairs brought to mind Ron’s childhood home. Harry could understand why they had all the blankets, though, since old castles like Hogwarts were notorious for being chilly and drafty.

The walls that weren’t covered with quilts or tapestries had bookshelves that were stuffed with books. Everything, from Hermione’s transfigurations texts, to back copies of Quidditch Monthly, were shoved in there. Harry sighed at the familiar surroundings and relaxed a bit more.

As the two men started catching up on months of news, Harry felt the last of his tension leave him. He was back at the closest thing that he had to a home, with the closest people he could call family. Maybe there was a place here for him after all.

A knock on the door briefly took them out of their conversation. And if Ron looked a bit tense, Harry thought nothing of it. He had a tense job, after all.

Harry couldn’t see who was at the door for a moment since Ron was blocking it, but as he stepped aside, Harry’s jaw dropped. It couldn’t be! Not in Ron’s quarters. Only it was.

Severus Snape stood a bit uncertainly at the door, only this Snape was... different. For starters, he looked much younger than Harry remembered. He could have passed for his mid twenties. The previously lined face was smooth and youthful looking, his hair, rather than being lank and oily, seemed to have a healthy sheen to it. For a moment, Harry longed to touch it.

Oh shit, I’m in trouble, Harry thought. He shook himself and stood up. He couldn’t have said if it was so he could greet the other guest properly or so he could get a head start if he had to run.

Hermione bustled out of the kitchen. “Severus! Glad you could make it,” and she actually did sound glad, which shocked Harry somewhat.

“Hermione! When have I ever missed one of your famous invitations?” Severus said. And yes, his voice was still the melodious dark chocolate that Harry remembered.

“You remember Harry?” Hermione said, hugging (hugging!?) the Potions master warmly.

“Yes, of course.” And then Harry was lost in those gorgeous dark eyes. The two men looked at each other for a long moment, both missing the satisfied smirk that flew across Hermione’s face, and then Harry stepped forward.

“Good to see you again, Professor Snape,” he said softly, offering his hand for a shake.

Severus smiled, showing perfect teeth. “So formal, Mr. Potter. You can call me by my first name, Severus. We are to be colleagues, after all.” He took the proffered hand and shook it briskly. Was it Harry’s imagination, or did his hand tingle pleasantly when he touched Severus?

As they moved towards the dining room for dinner, Harry looked his former Potions professor over surreptitiously. He was quite relaxed, talking and joking with Ron and Hermione as if he socialized with them all the time. And perhaps he did.

The dining room table was practically groaning under the weight of their meal. Hermione had outdone herself. There was a huge roast, several large bowls of mashed potatoes, a baked vegetable casserole, a plate of steaming rolls, steamed carrots, corn on the cob with butter, and pots of gravy strategically placed all over the table. Ron looked at his wife incredulously.

“How many were you expecting, dear?” he asked.

She flushed. “Well, you and Harry both have healthy appetites,” she said. “Plus, Severus is so thin, he could stand to eat a bit more.”

Snape rolled his eyes. “Still trying to fatten me up?” he asked mildly. “Won’t work, you know. This is simply my metabolism.” They had obviously had this discussion before, Harry realized.

They all sat and started to eat the delicious meal. Hermione and Ron sat together, with Harry and Severus facing them across the square table. A pitcher of red wine levitated and filled goblets as needed.

“It’s nice to eat a non-magical meal every now and again,” Severus said, passing a platter on to Harry, who was seated to his right.

Hermione smiled, obviously pleased. “Well, I did grow up in a Muggle household, so I learned to cook. And since there will never be house-elves in my home....”

Ron grimaced and quickly changed the subject. That was obviously still a sore topic with Hermione.

“So, Harry,” he said, “What exactly was it that you learned at Durmstrang?”

A spirited discussion of Dark Arts theory ensued, in which Severus played a prominent role. Harry found himself remembering how brilliant the man was.

When the meal ended, and they had enjoyed the bread pudding that Hermione served for dessert, they all retired to the living room for after dinner drinks. Harry sipped the firewhiskey that Ron served him, feeling a relaxing glow spread though him.

Finally, after several minutes of casual conversation, Hermione said, “So, aren’t you curious about Severus’ changed appearance, Harry?”

“You mean I’m not going nuts?” Harry said with a nervous laugh. “I thought I had just misremembered how you looked, Severus.”

Snape smiled, again showing bright white teeth. “No. My former appearance was as a result of my glamour.”

“You glamored yourself to look... um...”

“Ugly. Yes,” Snape confirmed with a grin.

“But why?” Harry asked, confused.

Severus rolled his eyes. “You have to remember that I was younger than you are now when I started as Potions master here, Harry,” he said. “And, to give you some perspective, I was a first year when your father graduated, married Lily and had you.”

Harry did some quick math. “So you’re only... ten years older than I am? Wow, that’s...”

“Surprising. Yes,” Severus smiled and took another sip of firewhiskey.

“Imagine how it was for me,” he said softly, staring into the fire with an introspective look on his face. “I was seventeen, my father had just forced me to take the Dark Mark and I had run away, abandoning all that I knew. I came back to the safest place that I knew of. Hogwarts.” He sighed. “Albus knew all that had happened, of course. And he offered me the job as Potions Professor.”

Harry was startled. Severus had been forced to take the Mark? Severus correctly interpreted the look on his face.

“Surprised, Harry?” he said. “Imagine my surprise when I was first summoned to the Dark Lord!” He shook his head. “My father had told Voldemort that I had accepted a job at Hogwarts on his instructions to place myself as a watchdog over the Slytherins and Albus. My father, thank Merlin, was a proud man, and didn’t want it known that I was not completely under his thumb.”

“And Voldemort bought it, didn’t he?” Harry asked softly.

Severus snorted. “Hook, line, and sinker. The man had an ego the size of the Muggle world! Anyway, I was a junior Death Eater, so to speak, and that was that, but the students saw only a scared young man who didn’t look much older than they did, so my ability to discipline them was not the best. Even my Slytherins could be... troublesome.”

Harry smiled. He could only imagine.

“It was Albus’ idea actually,” Severus said. “At that time we had a professor here who insisted on trying to make herself look younger. Of course she only drew more attention to herself. We thought that if I could appear older, the students would take me more seriously and the silly crushes would stop.”

“Well, Severus,” Hermione said slyly, “ If you looked anything like what you look like now, who can blame them?”

Harry stared open mouthed as Severus Snape blushed.

“Yes, well... be that as it may,” Severus said, “I have had the glamor in place for so long that it’s a part of me now. It’s only been recently that certain people,” he stared at Hermione, “have persuaded me to stop doing it. We shall have to see how the students react. Of course, the faculty always knew, and were able to see my true face.”

Harry turned to Ron. “Did you know about this?”

Ron nodded. “Yeah, but then, I’m an Auror. We’re trained to see everything as it truly is, mate. Not much can hide from us.”

Harry nodded. He knew about Auror training. Intense and quite life consuming, Ron had probably only survived it because of Hermione’s help.

They continued chatting for a while, until Harry could not suppress his yawns. The conversation had been ebbing and flowing around him for some time, but, as comfortable as he was, Harry didn’t want to sleep on his friends’ couch. It had been an exhausting day for him and he was quite tired.

Hermione eventually took pity on him and stood up. “I think our newest professor needs to go home and get some sleep,” she said, smiling.

Harry smiled up at her gratefully.

Severus stood up and stretched. “I, too, need to get home. Since we are apparently in the same section of the dungeons, Harry, how about we walk back together?”

Harry tried not to look too eager as he nodded. He had already had a massive crush on the old Severus, but the new Severus was far and away even more intriguing. This was certainly someone he hoped to spend a lot more time with, so he had no objections to seeing the man home.

After they said their goodbyes, and Hermione had given Harry a saucy wink that made him blush, the two men set off for the Slytherin dungeons. As they walked companionably, Severus started to outline some ideas that he had for a few joint classes that they could teach. As Severus spoke, Harry felt himself falling even further under his spell. The man had always seemed to have a direct line from his voice to Harry’s cock, and that had not changed.

“Would you like to come in for a moment?” Severus asked as they approached his quarters. “I have a book that may explain some of the theories that I think can be incorporated into both of our classes.”

“Sure,” Harry said agreeably.

Severus’ quarters were nothing like he had expected. They were bright and cheerful, although they did have a predominance of Slytherin green in the decor. Harry laughed to himself. Green was actually his favorite color as well, so he looked around in interest to see what decorating ideas he could purloin.

“Have a seat, Harry, while I locate the book.”

Harry sank gratefully into a comfortable chair by a roaring fire, as Severus rummaged through his bookcases.

“Would you like something to drink while I look?” the older man offered politely.

Harry accepted with a smile. Maybe it would help the headache that was rapidly developing. Harry rubbed his temples lightly.

Severus fixed them both glasses of firewhiskey and then went off to continue looking for the book. Harry sipped at his drink, gazing into the fire. He occasionally looked up at his host, admiring the play of light and shadow over the older man’s handsome features as he rummaged through his bookshelves.

“Ah! Here it is,” he finally exclaimed.

Handing Harry the book, Severus then sat across from him by the fire and continued discussing Potions and Dark Arts. After a few more minutes, Severus stopped talking, evidently having noticed that Harry appeared to be in pain.

“Headache?” the Potions master asked softly.

“Yeah, I think it’s from lack of sleep,” Harry confessed. “I’ve been sleep deprived for so long, I’m almost used to it. Ever since the final battle....”

Severus nodded. Yes, that last battle had been horrible, and Harry had been in the middle of it.

“I have some Headache Potion that you could try,” he offered. “And you are more than welcome to use my Dreamless Sleep Potion if you like.”

“I would love to try some Headache Potion,” Harry said gratefully.

As Severus got up to get it, Harry found himself checking out the man’s assets, and fine assets they were too, he acknowledged to himself.

Harry took the clear amber potion that Severus offered him, swallowed it, and then sighed gratefully as it quickly worked its magic. As he settled deeper into his chair, he listened to the soothing sound of Severus’ voice, as the man continued talking while he looked for some Dreamless Sleep Potion. Harry slipped his shoes off and, curling up into the chair, closed his eyes. The last sound he heard before he fell asleep was Severus humming.

The Potions master smiled as he turned around to see Harry deeply asleep in the chair. He contemplated waking him for a moment, but then shrugged and cleaned up their glasses. He had no objections to Harry sleeping in his quarters. In fact, if he was honest with himself, he would admit that he had no objections to Harry sleeping in his bed, although if he had this man in his bed he doubted either of them would get much sleep.

When Hermione had invited him to dinner, he had been pleasantly surprised. When he had arrived and seen Harry standing there with his green eyes and his wide smile, something had opened up inside Severus. He had forgotten how handsome the boy, now a man, was. And it had felt as though they had bonded over dinner. Harry had a fine mind, Severus realized.

Now that Harry Potter was back in his life, this time as a colleague, an equal, the Potions master had to make some decisions. Hermione had obviously set them up, but he wondered if it was at Harry’s suggestion or not. Was Harry even single? Severus shrugged. All he could do now was see how this all developed.

Running his eyes over Harry’s toned, lithe body, Severus sighed. Even when Harry had been his student, the Potions master had noticed him. He had tried to be antagonistic, to keep his distance, and that had worked to some extent, but the boy’s attractiveness had never been lost on Severus. And now he was back and all grown up. At least he seems somewhat interested in me, Severus thought.

Pulling out his wand, Severus gently levitated his guest out of the chair, magicked him out of his robe and shirt so that he was comfortably attired in pants, and then transfigured the chair in to a bed. Settling Harry back onto the bed, Severus then conjured some blankets and, walking up to the still sleeping man, tucked them around him tenderly. Unable to resist, he then leaned down and brushed a kiss across the scarred forehead.

“Sleep well, Harry,” he whispered.


Harry slept deeply, but not dreamlessly, and in the early hours of the morning he woke himself with a start. He was sweating profusely, and his voice was sore as if he had been screaming. When he opened his eyes, he found himself looking directly into Severus’ face.

“Are you all right, Harry?” The older man asked, absently brushing Harry’s hair out of his eyes with long gentle fingers.

“I... I...” Harry was undone. He was used to waking up alone with no one to soothe him, and seeing Severus there unmanned him. He started shivering and tears welled up in his eyes.

Without thinking about it, Severus sat on the side of the bed and gathered Harry into his arms. Harry lost it. He buried his face into Severus’ shoulder and sobbed.

Severus comforted him as best he could, and soon, Harry was simply sniffling with his head buried in the man’s shoulder, as Severus rubbed gentle circles on his bare back.

“Nightmare?” Severus finally asked softly, when Harry seemed calmer.

“Yeah. I’ve had them on and off since the War ended. We lost so many... I think coming here might make the memories worse for a while, until I settle in,” he said, voice muffled in the Potion master’s shoulder.

Severus nodded. He had woken up to the sound of Harry screaming in the other room and had come running to see the younger man tossing and turning. Seeing how upset he was, Severus couldn’t help but try to offer comfort.

“I can help with the bad memories if you like,” Severus offered. “As you know, I am an Occlumens and I can help you make a Pensieve for those memories.”

Harry shook his head. “I’d feel guilty somehow,” he whispered. “I feel as if I should be strong enough to remember them all, since they gave their lives for us. It feels like cheating if I dump the memories somewhere.”

Severus nodded. While it was the harder choice, he understood it. He had never been one to take the easier path either. He gathered Harry closer, wordlessly offering support.

Later, Harry could not have said when it turned from simple comfort to seduction, but it might have been when he pulled back to look Severus in the face and thank him for being there. What he saw there made him smile gratefully, and then his eyes flicked from the Potions master’s eyes to his lips and back again, as his tongue slipped out to unconsciously lick his own lips.

Severus groaned. His resistance was particularly low just then, with his arms full of the lithe ex-Seeker, his intoxicating scent surrounding him. Harry’s green eyes seemed to glow, and Severus could practically taste those lips.

Lowering his head, Severus slanted his lips over Harry’s and licked at the line of his mouth. Harry gasped and Severus immediately filled the younger man’s mouth with his tongue, exploring the sweet depths with quick teasing flicks that made Harry moan in his throat.

Severus tasted like chocolate and brandy. Harry twined his tongue around the older man’s and sucked on it, pulling it deeper into his mouth as his hands carded through the soft, blue-black hair. He groaned as Severus pulled back to nibble at his lower lip and then ran his mouth over the tender skin of his jaw to suck light love bites into his neck.

Severus wanted the lovely sounds that Harry was making to never stop. And Harry obliged, emitting sighs and moans as Severus nibbled over his collar and licked his way down to the younger man’s chest. A quick flicker of that talented tongue over his nipple had Harry arching deeply into Severus’ arms.

“Please... oh, Merlin...” Harry moaned, his hands clutching in Severus’ hair as he tried to pull that mouth closer to his skin.

The older man fought to regain his senses. This wasn’t right. Harry was upset and grieving, and he was probably mistaking the need for comfort as desire. Severus tried to pull away, but Harry would not let him.

“No, please, don’t stop,” Harry begged.

“Harry, you don’t want this. You don’t really want me.” Severus sighed, and started to pull away.

“I’ve wanted you for years,” Harry responded. “You have no idea, do you?”

At Severus’ startled look Harry almost laughed, but managed to suppress it. Merlin, was the man blind?

“Ever since you tried to protect me during that last battle... No, even before that. Even when you had bad teeth and you insulted me at every turn. Even when you kept giving me detentions. Your voice... gods... your voice, Severus! You could easily just talk me into coming.”

Harry was squirming his way into Severus’ lap as he spoke, until he was straddling him, his hard cock grinding into the older man’s groin. Severus closed his eyes as he felt proof of Harry’s desire prodding him.

Running his fingers through the man’s shoulder length black hair, Harry whispered against Severus’ mouth. “I think... no, I know I want this. I want you. Please don’t stop.”

How could Severus resist a plea like that?

The two men moaned into a kiss, and as Severus fumbled with Harry’s trousers, Harry was pulling off his soon to be lover’s nightshirt, revealing a smooth sculpted chest.

Soon, they were both naked, and Harry was pushing Severus onto his back to get better access to his body. Settling over the Potions master’s hips, Harry started licking and sucking his way down the man’s body, exploring every muscle, every scar with his tongue.

Severus arched into the pleasure, trying to hold Harry closer to him as flames licked at his nerves. When Harry started slipping his tongue in and out of his belly button, Severus lost it, and flipped the younger man onto his back.

“I have to taste you,” he moaned and proceeded to nuzzle and lick his way over Harry’s sleek, smooth skin. When he found a spot that seemed to elicit a particularly strong response, he would stop and pay it extra attention, and, in the process, drive Harry higher and higher. Finally, he got to the part of Harry that was aching for his touch.

Severus blew lightly on the weeping cock in front of him and smiled as he heard Harry moaning incoherently above him. He slipped the smooth velvet flesh into his warm mouth to taste, and Harry screamed.

He had never felt so cherished, Harry realized, as Severus made love to him with his fingers and mouth and body. And when Severus sucked him into his mouth, Harry thought he would die of happiness right there.

There was a keening sound... Was it Severus? No, it couldn’t be since his mouth was occupied. Harry realized it was him. He was making those whimpering, moaning noises, but he couldn’t be embarrassed, not when it felt so good. It felt like flying, like when he caught the Snitch, like when the crowds were going nuts and chanting his name. Only he was the one chanting right now, his head thrashing back and forth across the pillow as he clutched at the sheets, while Severus swallowed him whole.

“Sev... Severus... oh gods...” And then, even that amount of coherence was lost when Severus smiled and hummed his pleasure at how responsive Harry was to his ministrations.

Harry felt the vibrations around his cock and arched his back impossibly, pushing his rigid flesh deeper into Severus mouth and down the receptive throat. He tried to warn his lover, but was unable to speak when his body exploded and filled Severus’ mouth with his warm seed.

Severus drank every drop, finally pulling off when Harry’s whimpering seemed to indicate discomfort rather than pleasure.

Harry lay panting and smiling as he felt his lover slowly kissing his way up towards his face, and then he felt a slick finger nudging his entrance. Severus murmured the Lubricus spell, and Harry moaned again as that finger gently entered him.

Immediately stopping, Severus looked up at Harry to make sure he had not hurt him.

“Fuck! Please don’t stop now!” Harry moaned. “Feels so good...”

Severus closed his eyes to the enticing sight of Harry begging to be filled, and, gritting his teeth, proceeded to introduce another finger. The sight of a glowing Harry, trying to impale himself further onto his fingers, made Severus pant with longing.

Reaching up, Severus captured Harry’s mouth in a deep kiss, moving his tongue in and out in the same rhythm that he moved his fingers, mimicking what he planned to do soon with his throbbing, aching cock.

When he broke the kiss, Harry was looking straight into his eyes. “Severus, please fuck me now,” he moaned, and Severus could wait no longer. With a gasping moan of his own, he buried himself balls deep in Harry, almost coming immediately at the sensation of tight, wet heat that surrounded him.

He lay quietly for a moment and then he started to move gently, slowly, to give Harry a chance to get used to the sensation of him moving inside of him. He angled his thrusts, and when he brushed over Harry’s prostate, the younger man gurgled.

“Like that, hmm?” Severus whispered, as he continued the slow, thick pushes over that spot. He would have prolonged it further if he could have, but Harry would have none of it. He wrapped his legs around Severus’ waist and met him thrust for thrust, coaxing faster and faster movements out of the man on top of him.

Finally overcome, Severus buried his face in Harry’s fragrant neck and pounded into him, overwhelmed with the pleasure of the moment.

“Harry!” Severus screamed as he finally emptied himself into Harry in long, rhythmic bursts that seemed to last forever. Harry, who had gotten hard again, also came, spurting his release between them and welding them together with warm, sticky fluid.

As the two men lay panting in the aftermath, Harry muttered a quick cleansing spell, and then curled himself into Severus’ arms. He smiled as he felt the older man gather him into his body in an almost instinctively protective gesture. As he drifted off to sleep he heard him say, “Goodnight, Harry.”


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