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SS/HP, Another Lockhart, G

Title: Another Lockhart
Author: alisanne
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Summary: My first submission to the Snape100 community. Response to the prompt: Aversion.
Genre: Humor
Warnings: slash implied.

Written in part because lockythebunny wanted me to try Gilderoy/Severus. This is about as close as I can get. LOL.

Thanks to separatrix for the inspiration.

Disclaimer: No one you recognize is mine.


Another Lockhart


Severus stared, mouth open in shock.

“Oh, I surprised you!”

No. Not possible...

Blond curls bounced as the man all but pranced before him. “I’m back, Sevvy!” he cried, arms spread wide.

Severus stepped backwards, aversion rising within him.

“I just knew you’d welcome me back! They’ve offered me Dark Arts again, isn’t it wonderful?”

“No,” Severus muttered, his throat closing.

“And now we can be even better friends...”

Severus closed his eyes, prepared to scream, and was shaken gently.

He opened his eyes and breathed.

“Another Lockhart?” Harry asked.

Severus shuddered.

“You forgot your Dreamless Sleep again, didn’t you?”

Tags: alisanne, snape100, snarry

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