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SS/HP, Imperiused, G

Title: Imperiused
Author: alisanne
Rating: G
Summary: Written for the snape100 community weekly challenge #123. Prompt #4: "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind." (A Midsummer Night's Dream, I.i.234)
Word count: 100
Genre: Romance
Warnings: A hint of slash if you look sideways and squint.




“But, it’s Snape,” whinged Ron, eyeing Harry as if he were insane.

Harry glared, and the redhead shut up immediately.

Looking away from his tormentor, Harry spied Severus, sneering, at some, no doubt, inane comment.

He felt the tingle of a spell run over him, and he closed his eyes in annoyance.


Ron held up his hands. “C’mon! I had to check for an Imperius. It’s just so strange...”

Harry snorted. “You are the third person to do that today,” he said, tone cool. “Is love so hard to understand?”

Turning away, Harry walked towards his husband and smiled.


Tags: alisanne, drabble, snarry

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