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SS/HP, Dueling Death Eaters, PG-13

Title: Dueling Death Eaters
Author: alisanne
Rating: PG-13
Summary: We've seen Death Eaters duel Order members and young school children. What would it be like to see them battle each other? Harry gets his wish.
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Warnings: Fluffy Lucius

Plot bunny originally furnished by eeyore9990 and refined by vlredreign. Thank you, my lovelies!

Beta’d by eeyore9990.

Disclaimer: Not mine, damnit!


Dueling Death Eaters


Harry stepped into the dueling room, and pulled the door shut. He blinked in the bright light that was streaming through the windows and, with a deep sigh, walked over to the bookshelves.

“About time you got here. Are you prepared?” asked a deep voice, and Harry spun to see Severus, fingering his wand as he rolled up his sleeves.

Harry nodded, speechless as always when confronted by his sexy dueling instructor.

Merlin, he’s hot, Harry thought, careful not to broadcast it. His crush on Snape had made his mastery of Occlumency a must. Even Dumbledore had been surprised at the amount of work and practice Harry had put into those lessons.

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say, Harry thought. And it had been very necessary for him to be able to shield his mind from this man, given the amount of time they were expected to spend together. Otherwise, I’d be inventing cures to the hexes he’d be cursing me with.

Harry could only imagine how Snape would react to the knowledge that he was in love with him. Harry had no wish for humiliation on that order, so he kept his own council, and kept his mind carefully blank whenever he was in Snape’s presence.

Looking his instructor over, Harry sighed. He would have to be wearing the potions robes again. The black potions robes with their multitude of tiny buttons got to him every time.

Harry wanted nothing more than to spend several hours unbuttoning them and then exploring at leisure that lithe body underneath, and his mind was quick to supply him with all sorts of helpful images to go along with that fantasy.

He had once seen Snape at work in the garden wearing a stained shirt that was too small and tight black pants, sinewy arms buried in the dirt, harvesting mandrakes. Harry’d almost swallowed his tongue. Snape was built and he had the best arse Harry’d ever seen, bar none. Harry had wanked off for an entire week on that memory alone.


Harry snapped back to the present. “Yes, Professor Snape?” he answered.

“Defend yourself,” his former Potions master said, and then Harry was too busy fending off hexes to worry about guarding his thoughts.

Snape’s dueling style was unorthodox to say the least. Oh, the man could duel in the “high formal” style that was taught in class, but he was not above using some pretty dirty tricks if it meant he would win. Harry had landed on his arse too many times to take anything for granted.

They traded hexes and jinxes back and forth for a while, fairly evenly matched, and then Harry thought he saw a pattern to Snape’s duel. He generally seemed to be going for legs, then trunk, then arms, perhaps leaving a head or whole body attack for last....

“Expelliarmus!” and Harry was flying backwards though the air. He hit the wall with a jarring thump and slid to the floor groaning.

“You really need to get better with your wand, Potter,” that drawling, mocking voice said, and Harry gritted his teeth as he slowly stood up.

“May I have it back?” he asked, shaking his arms to try to get the feeling back in them.

“No,” Severus said, surprising him. “You should be adept at wandless magic by now. If you want it back, take it. Now, defend yourself!”

Harry had a split second to decide what to do as the wall of blue light hurled towards him, and then it simply stopped, blocked by a barrier.

Severus dropped his hand, tucking his own wand back into his robe. He then tossed Harry’s wand onto the table and shook his head. “I hope you are not relying on dumb luck to save you from the Dark Lord, Potter,” he sneered as he walked by.

Harry blinked as the shimmering barrier that had come up to protect him, came down just as quickly.

“Lucius,” Severus greeted his old friend.

Harry spun to see Lucius Malfoy lowering his wand and stepping into the room.

“You are interrupting our session, Lucius,” Severus scolded gently. “He has to learn a wandless Protego himself.”

Lucius smirked. “Yes, but I wanted to talk to you, Severus, and I didn’t want to have to wait for you to heal him to have our discussion. You can maim him later.”

Harry sighed and walked over to the table where Snape had dropped his wand. Picking it up he tucked it into his robe.

Lucius Malfoy was an enigma to him. The poster child for the Death Eater movement, he had out of the blue offered to switch sides and spy for the side of light, in return for protection for his wife and son.

Dumbledore had accepted the offer with alacrity, and even now, Draco and Narcissa Malfoy were at a hidden location, under Auror guard. The official story was that they were in Ministry custody for questioning, but those of sufficient rank knew the truth. It was a good cover story however, and it allowed Lucius to retain his high standing with Death Eaters and Voldemort, all of who believed that Lucius was on a mission to “rescue” his wife and son.

“I have to tell you about an upcoming attack,” Lucius said, and then it was all business.

He and Severus sat down and pored over maps and talked strategy as Harry watched, fascinated by their interaction.

Severus retained perfect posture at all times, his broad shoulders making him seem almost military in appearance. Lucius, in contrast, seemed more feline, as if he had coiled strength that could be unleashed at any moment. Harry wondered what a duel between the two of them would be like.

Dueling Death Eaters, he thought, and it made him smile.

“Is there something amusing you, Mr. Potter?” Lucius asked, slanting a cool glance at him.

“No, Lord Malfoy.” Harry knew better than to antagonize this man.

Lucius smirked, and Harry was reminded for a moment of those Muggle sea creatures. Sharks?

“I think you are off in your own little world, Potter,” Lucius continued. “Perhaps a dueling session between us will bring you back to the present?”

Harry blinked. “Errr.... excuse me?”

Standing and removing his outer robe, Lucius pulled out his wand. “I wish to duel you, Mr. Potter. Stand ready to defend yourself!”

Harry barely had time to stand and get his wand out when a trip jinx had him on the floor. He scowled up at the blond and quickly hexed him with a Tarantallegra.

They traded back and forth for a while, each feeling the other out.

Lucius’ style was definitely different than Severus’, Harry quickly realized. Where Severus attacked, Lucius flowed, using his own hex against him. A part of Harry admired the technique. The part that wasn’t bruised and bloody from being bounced around the room, that is.

Severus just stood in the corner and fingered his wand, a small smile playing around his mouth. Harry glanced at him a couple of times and then his attention was caught. Severus had unbuttoned the top few buttons of that high collared robe, and the shadow of his throat was visible.

Harry’s mind went into overdrive, imagining what it would be like to lick the skin in that hollow, to suck and then bite the juncture where his head met his neck, to leave his mark for all the world to see....

“Stupefy!” and Harry was on his back and unable to move. He heard footsteps and then the laconic gaze of Lucius Malfoy was in front of him.

As he leaned close, Lucius looked deeply into his eyes. “I wonder why you are so distracted, Mr. Potter?” he murmured. “Let’s see, shall we? Legilimens!”

Fuck! Harry thought. And then it was too late. Lucius slid into his mind as easily as if he had no barrier up, and rifled through his thoughts, lingering on a few that featured Severus and Harry together in very compromising positions.

With a snap, he was out and Harry was able to move. He closed his eyes, his cheeks stained with embarrassment. In his mind he was already trying to formulate an excuse to Dumbledore as to why Severus had hexed him and then run him out of his home.

“Well, well, well,” Lucius murmured, as he slowly stood. “How interesting, Mr. Potter.... Severus, I think your student is far too distracted to duel at the moment. I think he would learn more if you and I were to show him how it’s done.”

Harry accepted the blond’s hand to stand, and then he limped over to the side of the room, out of the way. This promised to be interesting.

Severus had pushed off of the wall where he’d been standing, and was now shrugging off his robe. Harry’s mouth watered when he saw the trim figure in a simple white shirt and fitted black trousers tucked into low leather boots.

Lucius had also taken off his robe to reveal a fitted blue shirt and tan trousers.

The two Death Eaters circled each other, faces set. Harry shivered at the look in their eyes. They must have faced each other in combat before, Harry realized. I wonder who won that time?

The hexes flew, fast and furious, and Harry watched avidly. It was sometimes hard to follow, they were both so fast, but Harry thought Severus had the advantage. They both used each others’ attacks to their own advantage, and finally, some of the lessons that Severus had been trying to teach him, filtered in.

Severus sent a particularly nasty stinging hex towards Lucius, and the the blond countered with a curse Harry had never heard, that sent Severus stumbling to the ground.

Harry was on his feet before he knew it, throwing a wandless Protego up around himself and Severus, even as he bent over to see if he was all right.

“Sev... Professor Snape?”

Severus blinked and looked up into Harry’s eyes. “What are you doing?” he asked, coughing as he struggled to sit up.

“He’s shielding you,” a cool voice said from across the room.

The two brunets looked over to Lucius, who was standing there, smirking. “It appears that protecting himself is not enough for his great big Gryffindor heart. He needs someone to protect, Severus. And I think you’re nominated.”

As Harry flushed, Severus looked shellshocked. “You... but... he... why....” If he’d been less embarrassed, Harry might have been amused at seeing his professor so flustered.

Lucius had taken advantage of the confusion to put his robe back on in preparation for leaving. “You can take the shield down now, Mr. Potter,” he said. “He’s safe from me at the moment.”

Harry blushed even brighter and with a thought, the shimmering barrier came down. He stood up and stepped away. “I’ll just be going then...” Harry murmured.

Severus stood, and with a snort, walked over to where Harry was fidgeting. “You shall be going nowhere,” he said, an inscrutable look in his eyes. “We evidently need to talk.”

Turning towards Lucius he said, “Thank you for a most enlightening visit, Lucius.”

With a nod and a wave, the blond walked out of the room. His last glimpse of the two men inside made him think that Severus had finally gotten his point. Laughing to himself, the former Death Eater strolled by the window of the room he had just been in, on his way to the Apparation point. Glancing in, he stopped and stared.

Harry Potter was wrapped tightly around Severus. The two men were quite a sight, their lips clinging as Potter, for all intents and purposes, tried to climb into Severus’ mouth.

Lucius tilted his head. Yeah, there was quite a bit of tongue action there, too.... With a chuckle, Lucius kept walking. Perhaps he’d check back with them in a few days, give them a chance to get used to this new development.

With a grin, he Apparated.


“Lucius! How did your meeting with Severus go?” Narcissa asked, as he walked into the room.

The blond smiled and helped himself to a firewhiskey. He kissed his wife gently on the lips before he settled into a comfortable chair.

“it went very well,” he said. “I managed to warn Severus, and get him something that he’s always wanted.”

Narcissa smiled, and then wandered away. “That’s nice, dear,” she said, her voice drifting in from the other room.

“Yes, I’ve still got it,” Lucius smirked, satisfied.


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