alisanne (alisanne) wrote in slash_heaven,

Changes at Slash_Heaven

Many of you are probably aware of the recent discussions that have been widespread in the HP fandom regarding critical reviews. After discussing it amongst ourselves, your moderators have decided to make slash_heaven an f-locked community in order to provide a safe and review free environment for people to post their stories.

Thus, all stories posted here will be f-locked. If you post here and then link from other communities, those who you direct here will have to be members to see the story.

To be absolutely safe, you will need to f-lock your stories that you post on your own LJ's as well, but that is, of course, a personal decision.

Anyone who is discovered providing access to stories that are posted here, particularly to reviewers, against an author's wishes, will be banned from the community.

Feedback is always encouraged; it will just need to be directed to the author in order to allow them the opportunity and ability to grow in their writing.

We believe that these changes will greatly benefit our members.

Thank you.
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