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slash_heaven's Journal

Slash Heaven
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All Members , Moderated
Hello friends!

Welcome to Slash Heaven! This is an open community, dedicated to slash fiction and art from EVERY FANDOM.

Because this is a slash community, we are only open to users who are at least 17 years of age. Right now, we figure if you are old enough to use a computer, you know whether you are 17 or not. If you are not 17, we'll be delighted to see you when you are. Until then, please wait until you're old enough for this community.

We do not promote any one fandom over another; any and all slash is open for submission.

As of 8/12/06, this community is an author-friendly, reader-friendly zone. None of the fics contained herein are open for public reviewing. We, the mods, regret that it has come to this, but we are tired of watching talented authors leave fandom. So if anyone is here to cause wank, or if anyone is found to be carrying author's stories to "reviewers" without the author's explicit permission, that user will be banned from the comm.

This is a moderator approval community, for both fic and membership. What this means is that we are a bit picky about the work that we choose to have associated with our community. To ensure that your work is approved, there are a few simple things you must do:

1. Have your work beta read by someone who is familiar with punctuation, grammar, and your fandom. Your beta is your finest writing tool. Make sure you have one, and that they are ruthless, because WE WILL BE!

2. Make sure that your work is, indeed, your work. We DO NOT condone plagiarism.

3. Make sure that your work has the following:

a. The fandom, pairing, title, and rating in the subject line. For example: HP, HP/DM, TITLE, NC-17

b. A header that includes the following:

b.1. Title
b.2. Author
b.3. Rating
b.4. Summary
b.5. Genre
b.6. Warnings

4. After the header, there should be an lj-cut, behind which your text for your story, or your art, is featured. Make sure you post disclaimers on your stories. If there are no disclaimers, the moderators will be happy to post one for you, but we will be less than thrilled to have someone continually take advantage of us, and if you are a repeat offender, you may find your work being kicked back.

5. There are certain things we will not have on this community. No chan, scat, watersports, or snuff. If your fic or art contains any of those, please don't waste our time or yours by submitting.

6. Be creative. We've all read enough Hogwarts 90210 stories to last us a lifetime. Do we really need more?

7. Everything is welcome, as long as there is some slash element. So, threesomes (M/M/M, M/M/F, M/F/F, F/F/F), femmeslash, everything.

8. We have nothing against RPS. However, we'd like to not get sued six ways to Sunday, so please friends-lock any RPS you might post.

Have fun everyone, and happy posting!!!

eeyore9990, moderator